Cold air induced runny nose?

I was of two minds as to whether to post this here, or make it an IMHO thread. Note I am usually as healthy as a horse, and thus am very rarely with a cold (my body is where viruses go to die a quiet death).

Any time the temperature (indoors or outdoors) gets a bit too cold (somewhere south of 75 degrees, which is usually what I keep my apt. set at), my nose invariably starts to run. I sometimes joke with my students (when they complain about the icebox they are working in) that my boss likes it that cold, and there’s no sense arguing about it. But it doesn’t do my nasal passages any good…

So, two questions:

Why does this happen to me?

And does it happen to anyone else?

Yes. I am also looking for an answer to this question.

However, my thresholds are substantially lower. I only get a runny nose in the 40-50 F range. Exercise seems to exacerbate it.

I get it in cold weather, especially if I’m working hard. Or riding the motorcycle. My theory is that cool (and consequently dryer, relatively speaking) air makes your sinuses make more mucous to keep tissues from drying out. I suspect working hard would also have the same effect Of course IANAD, nor have I played one on TV.

Here’s an old thread with pretty good answers to the question (if I say so myself).

And here’s one of particular relevance to you.

You’re referring to Handy’s post, aren’t you! :wink:

He taught us all so much!

I should have known that I had already done this…

Yep, me too. The minute the air gets colder and the humidity drops, I go from blowing my nose maybe 10x per day to 50+. Physical exertion makes it worse. At the gym I try to suffer through it during classes, but I often have to leave the class and clear my sinuses.

Tears drain into the nasal passage. Cold air leads to more tears, more tears equals more moisture in the nose.

Hey, you’re right! I never knew that.