Cold, lonely and desparate homeless youth

Hello. Sdmb, my name is Chiquita and I am homeless and in need of help. I am a certified computer technician who is willing to find a job so, I can get out of this situation. I am from a broken, sick and competitive family. My older sisters rather see me in the streets than living in a real and safe shelter due to them being jealous of me being the only college student in the family and the only person in the family with a certification. My mom is scichzopherinic (sorry for the misspelling) and my dad died four years ago of liver psyriosis. I am depressed right now. I have been living in homeless shelters since the end of October. Everyone I know, besides my twin sister, is selfish and doesn’t want to help me. Mentally I’m beginning to break down. My twin sister is also homeless so, she can’t really do much for herself. I need help and this is the only way I know to ask because I don’t believe in doing illegal stuff in order to survive. If you can, can you help me find work and a cheap place to live. Right now, I am sleeping in a hospital and I have only recieved 2 hours of sleep during my waking up off and on tonight. Please, if you can, help me. I am not a begger or a user. I start work for a temp agency next week but, it’s not enough money to get me out of the streets. I’m nervous because I have been stalked twice since I’ve been out here in the streets. On two separate occassions it has been by two suscpicious older black men. I don’t know what to do and I have never cried as much in my life until I ended up in this situation. I’m nervous to leave the hospital in fear that I’ll be stalked. I apologize if this seems too much for this forum but, I am lonely, desperate and have no other choice. It’s freezing outside. If noone can help me find a job can you please tell me where I can get a pair of free or cheap winter boots? My feet get so cold from walking so much in my sneakers looking for work and just traveling in basic.

What city are you in?

On the chance that this is legit and not simply some bizarre spam, I have moved it from “Comments on Cecil’s Column” to “MPSIMS” where you’ll get better response.

Meanwhile, youngnlonely, check with the hospital where you’re staying, and see if they can recommend a clinic nearby where you can start treatment for the depression. Such clinics are usually free for people in the situation you describe. That will help, although it will take several weeks to be effective. You won’t be able to hold a job for long if you’re that depressed, so it seems to me that’s the first thing to work on.

The hospital social worker should also be able to help you find a more permanent shelter, until you can get a job and steady yourself.

You lost my attention after “suspicious older black men”.

Well, I’m a little suspicious , myself…


have come to say…

sorry, bad, I know.

Have you tried a church?

Ask the hospital, they may need a LINUX geek. Have you checked with the local Army recruiter? There’s four years room and board, plus help with more college.

Why does it always have to be black men? We’re like the universal scapegoat.

Not any more. You’re off the hook now.