Cold sore transmission: carrier to carrier?

Person A has herpes simplex virus and has an active cold sore/fever blister. Person B also has herpes (as does 80% of America, by some estimates) but no active outbreaks at the moment, nor has B had any for several years.

A and B kiss, and B develops a cold sore/fever blister soon thereafter. It would seem to me that as a herpes carrier already, B wouldn’t be susceptible to an outbreak from contact with another herpes carrier.

Question: As B already has herpes, is the cold sore development a result of the kiss with another herpes carrier? Or is it just coincidence, or perhaps even psychosomatically induced? Are there maybe different strains of the herpes virus that B just wasn’t used to, hence the outbreak?

Thanks, all.

I’m not a MD, so take this answer with a grain of salt. :slight_smile: The herpes virus (when dormant) resides in a ganglia ( the cervical ganglia, I believe). It does not cause any symptoms until it escapes from the ganglia, usually caused by stress. If the virus is implanted on one’s lips (by reason of a kiss, for example), the virus is now in the bloodstream and can cause symptoms.

Note that there are substrains of Herpes so in principle one can get infected by more than one substrain. But I don’t know how likely this actually is.

Induced by stress not doubt has a much higher probability going for it.