Cold War movies

Besides the brilliant Dr. Strangelove, can anyone recommend a good movie focused around the Cold War?

Well, The Majestic was set in the early fifties and the plot revolves around the communist which hunts of the time. It stars Jim Cary as a film writer who is accused of peddling communist ideology in his scripts, so they blacklist him. Its quite a good film aswell.

Gorky Park.

In fact, any John LeCarré adaptations.

I always liked White Nights, with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gregory Hines and Isabella Rossellini’s American film debut.

The Manchurian is a favorite of mine. Very tense little movie. You’ll never look at Angela Lansbury the same way again. Frightening woman.

Erg. The Manchurian Candidate, I mean. Damn these capitalist running dog fingers of mine…

Gotcha with Anthony Edwards.

Oh, wait, you said good movie…

As jjimm noted, any of the LeCarre adaptations, but especially The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, with Richard Burton and Claire Bloom. Burton is remarkable as a burnt-out agent.

The Ipcress File. A terrific adaptation of Len Deighton’s novel, with Michael Caine’s as a spot-on Harry Palmer.


My absolute favorite.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The plot outline for Fail-safe in particular looks really good, and it seems familiar to me… perhaps I watched it as a kid.

slortar - a search on imdb reveals that another version of The Manchurian Candidate is in production at the moment.

What about Thirteen Days? Anyone recommend watching this?

Blech. I heard the working title was Kevin Costner saves the World.

Thirteen Days was pretty good. The guys who played the Kennedy brothers made the movie. If you can get past Kevin Costner’s atrocious Diamond Joe Quimby accent, it’s worth seeing.

There’s also the criminally overlooked The Bedford Incident, which came out at the same time as Fail-Safe. It’s a somewhat more realistic portrayal of how we could have come to war in that era.

Thirteen Days is superb.

And let’s not forget War Games!

How about a nice game of chess?
No, I’d like to play global thermonuclear war, please.

Would Wargames count?

“Ice Station Zebra” is one of mine

Interesting. At least it’s not Michael Bay or something. I’m not sure what they can gain by remaking it, because the movie holds up pretty well as it is…oh, right…it’s in b&w. For some reason people can’t handle that these days… :frowning:

What? Nobody’s mentioned * Red Dawn * yet? That was one of my all-time favorite movies when it came out… I think I was 14 or 15 at the time.

Not terribly realistic, but fun anyway!

13 days in May? An old B&W movie about a general planning a military coup. I thought that was pretty good.

How about the one where an American destroyer and a Soviet sub dance around each other. The American captain was determined to expose the soviet sub for its entering restricted water and a ?military reporter? questions his actions.

Wish I could remember names.

What about Red Dawn? The one with the band of high-school students fighting the invading Soviets who’ve taken over the United States?

No, wait, you said good movie, never mind. :smiley: