Coldfire Pees On The Phone

And he has to hold his duck to do it, too!! BWAAHAHAHA!!!


Now I’m intrigued. Care to share some detail? :slight_smile:

Just use your imagination.

Coldy, care to explain this one?

(He told me over ICQ: “Don’t ask.” Well, I’m asking!!!)

of course, you mean ‘pees while talking on the phone’, and not ‘pees on the receiver’, right?

as for the duck- whathafoo? does his duck like toilet water (or worse… weird-ass duck), or is it more of a ‘security blanket’ for old cold?

i have a feeling i don’t really want to know the answers to this…

Hey now! Doesn’t he know they have diapers for grown men too? Honestly, it’s nothing to be embarrased about, apparently Diane goes for those types of guys, so it must be cool…

::ducks, runs----::

Shayna and I have been maintaining a very intense ICQ relationship over the last few weeks. And by this, I mean it in the most friendly way. No cybering, so far. Although she DID say something about psychic orgasms… never mind.

Anyway, this evening, she got the idea that she wanted to hear my voice for some ungodly reason. So I tried to send her a voice mail, as I usually do when the babes want to hear the voice behind the posts :wink:

But my microphone was broken. So I give her my home phone number. Which she subsequently calls.

After about 45 minutes of laughter, wisecracks, psychic orgasms on her behalf (mind you, I was talking about jumper switches, God only knows what would have happened had I switched to the hardcore shit like cable modems), and after about 1 standard issue bottle of 1995 Valdepenas, I required a brief pitstop, so to speak. Which, being a male chauvinist pig, I promptly did, with her on the line. I even told her that I was going to take a piss. Women and phones, eh. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, and all that.

The rest is blurry. She said something about me holding my dick, and I responded with a sentence that was supposed to contain the word “dick”. But bear in mind: one bottle of Valdepenas!

Yeah, I said Duck instead of Dick. So yeah, I WAS holding my duck whilst peeing on the phone. There ya go.

Fun stuff, huh? Go ahead, ridicule me some more. No, really :wink:

:::pointing & ridiculing Coldfire:::

Oh look, it’s little & fluffy, just like a real ducky!


One bottle of Valdepenis? Remind me not to go to THAT liquor store!

Your duck eh?


-SS :slight_smile:

intresting…very interesting :lowers eyebrows and thinks about the meaning of all this:

HEY! Its his DUCK and he’ll shake it as fast as he wants!!!

I used to work with a fellow who took tech support calls while sitting on the pot. Wouldn’t hold back, so the customer got an earful.

Shayna, how ya been, hon? Since you’ve been gone TC68 has been hogging all the adulation. Maybe you should show her who’s boss!

{note to guys: catfight!}

{note to self: they’re dear friends and think your pathetic attempt to get them pulling hair and ripping off each other’s clothes is just that, pathetic}

I’ll never look at those “Is it a duck?” posts the same way again.

He’s lying folks. Actually, when they talked on the phone, ColdyClogs was in the bath. His rubber ducky was in there too, and well, when he went to warm the water, he grabbed poor little ducky, so as not to push him away in the golden stream.


Another 5 minute mystery???


Quit giving Coldilocks shit about this. I do it all the time! Ask Drain Bead.

What the hell else reason is there to have a cordless? Aside from jerking off in the bathtub while having phone sex.

Um… Was that my out-loud voice again?

Anyway, I was unaware my cordless phone was so clear, and I called a friend of mine during a piss stop and left him a message. I then found out how loud it came through when he rerecorded me pissing and left that message on my voice mail at work!

He works with me and he made me put it on speaker…

Yer pal,

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You just gotta go stealth - if you sit down, you can direct the stream against the side of the toilet so there is no sound. Then, if you want to flush all you have to do is flush and instantly leave the room closing the door behind you (while you are talking) and they won’t hear a thing.

Voila, no one knows you drained the duck.

My question is: How large is the beak on that duck?

< giggle >

Juvenile? Yes. Funny? I found it funny!


You are SO immature… sheesh… how old are you!!! I myself am WAY above that kind of post…

Oh Whammy,

You only say that cuz you…ah never mind :wink: