Sorry–hope this hasn’t been addressed before (but if it has I can’t find it…) I’m in the middle of a cold and as I lie awake at night I can’t help but wonder----where does all this stuff come from??? Where is it stored and what purpose does it serve? How do I stop it?-and should I try to??) ? If it really serves a useful purpose (i.e. flushing out germs and other undesirables) then fine, but has anyone really proved that this outpouring is really worth the aggravation it brings???


What stuff? Snot?

The ‘snot’ issue has been addressed (yes, there is a purpose). Good luck finding the thread though.

“The ‘snot’ issue has been addressed”…I like the sound of that, it could become a classic line. Thanks Momotaro…if you run across the thread let me know.

s’not funny.

When you’re with your honey
And your nose is runny
And you think it’s funny
But it’s not.