Coldy's Supahfly New Boots, or: AARGH! The PAIN!

OK, so I bought them there neato Timberland boots. Couldn’t be happier. So, today I’m wearing them for the first full day, and they are KILLING me. The size is right, that’s not the problem. But there seems to be this really hard patch right at the back of the heel, in both shoes. It causes friction to the heel with every step.
As I’m usually wearing formal clothes (i.e. standard issue black shoes), these puppies are gonna be requiring one hell of a breaking in period, I reckon.

So, my questions to you would be the following:[ul][li]Did anyone else experience this problem with the abovementioned Timberland boots when they were new?[/li][*]What shall I do to prevent my heels from blistering? I’m pretty sure they’ll be anyway by tonight, but what about the days (weeks??) to come? Band-aids on my heels? Two pairs of socks?[/ul]Help a Clog Boy in pain out, will ya? :slight_smile:

You could always try the band aids and two sock things. Although I thought there was some kind of thing you could insert into your boot back there to soften it up. Like a little gel pad thing of some sort? I may be wrong who knows.

Why did you think Clogs have that open heel at the back?
It’s 'cos you dutchlanders have girly ankles and heels and can’t take the strain. :smiley:

Think about it. When was the last time you say a dutch Ice skater in the Olympics ?

Put your unrealistic superfly ambitions behind you and grab yerself a tree and a whittlin’ knife.

A little piece of moleskin should take care of that, Coldfire. I had the same thing happen with a pair of boots and thought “Hell, I’ll never wear these things enough to break them in at this rate.” Got some moleskin, cut it to shape, glued it to the spot that was rubbing and, voila’, no more blister. By the time the moleskin had worn out the boots were broken in.

Clogs don’t have open heels.

And read here how poorly the Dutch speed skaters did in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics.

Anything else, Damnha? :wink:

Reminds me of the episode of The Dukes of Hazzard when Bo got new boots. They hurt so bad that the bad guys almost got him. But, the General Lee just jumped the gully on Old Man Hickum’s back 40 and they got away. So, I would suggest not trying to outrun the bad guys, just jump one of the canals in your Peugot (IIRC). You MUST remember to yell “YEEEEEE-HAAAWWW!!!” while you’re doing it.

Or they could just need breaking in. I second the vote for the doubling up on the socks.

Apart from world record holder and gold medal winner Gianni Romme, obviously

Try for non Dutch speakers.

As for the boots, one solution is to whack the hard spot with rolling pin. Soon softens it up

I’m not ready to start whacking them just yet, but I’m gonna see if I can find some moleskin or anything similar. Probably at the shoe repair store, methinks.

Tommy, it’s quite easy to become airborn in Amsterdam, what with all the steep bridges over the canals and all. I’ve done it many a time, on purpose and by accident - however, the Peugeot (good memory!) doesn’t really like to fly that much. :slight_smile:

ehhh ehhhh ehhh emmm…
Speed skating is different.
and ehhh umm well wood is softer on the heel than leather beacause as we all know…

…Oh is that the time? Must go!

You could also try layering knee-high nylon stockings under your socks until they’re properly broken in.

No, really. I didn’t believe it either, but when I worked in the lingerie department at Woolco, I had hunters and hikers coming in all the time for them. According to what they told me, all the friction is between the nylon stocking and the sock.


Been there, done that, Coldfire…

I have some boots by Timberland that caused similar aches, but I found they broke in quickly. Mind you, every time I break in a new pair of boots/hiking boots for Search and Rescue, I walk a few city blocks with them first. See where the friction spots are - cushion those spots with a bit of gauze securily taped, or else you’ll rub off your skin… If it’s simply that the new clogs :smiley: are too stiff, try bending the sole at the heel, where it meets with the sole of the boot. Flex it back and forth a few times. It may help.

Whatever you do, don’t wear wool socks - it makes it all more uncomfortable. Use cotton socks that are rather thick, and that allow your foot to breathe well. It will minimize the friction, too, if that’s what’s causing the pain.

Maybe I should just drop my thesis right here and become a podiatrist.



And now my brain is reeling with the image of Coldie in big manly boots and sexy black nylons.

Any chance we could get a photo of that? I mean, just for private use?


Damn, I also wanted to say…:

If the friction at the heel is the problem, often it is caused by lack of flexibility at that spot where the sole meets the heel - when the sole is too stiff, your heel doesn’t rest properly in the boot. Try making that “joint” more flexible, and it should help make the pain go away :slight_smile:

Off to readings I go (unless someone finds me a good excuse not to!!)


The combo of thin nylon/synthetic innersock with slightly thicker outer sock in cotton or wool always worked for me. Of course I’m way too macho to actually buy nylons, but any outdoor store would have a bundle of sock combos.

If it’s only temporary, there’s a product called Compeed that has worked GREAT for me. It’s sort of an adhesive gel pad with a very smooth outer surface, and if properly applied (read the instructions, OK?), it works very well indeed. Tested under harsh conditions, including a marathon, and highly recommended.

S. Norman

Jesus! I see the problem, Coldy. You ain’t s’posed ta actually wear those damned things. Them are some ugly fuckin’ shoes, man.

By going up the Wallen, presumably

What shall I do to prevent my heels from blistering? I’m pretty sure they’ll be anyway by tonight, but what about the days (weeks??) to come? Band-aids on my heels? Two pairs of socks?
If you don’t already know this, soaking them (your feet) in tepid/lukewarm water with Epsom salt will bring a lot of relief if it’s too late and you are already starting to blister.

Heloise, you can tell the future, apparently. Two big-ass blisters on the back of my heels. The 2 minute walk from the bus stop took me about 10 minutes, with plenty of window shopping at the (closed) HiFi store. Hey, I need a DVD player, dammit. (OK, not really, I was in too much PAIN, and I’m a pussy.)

Compeed, eh, Spiny? I’ll ask the shoe dude down the street what he thinks. Thanks for the tip.

UncleBeer, you’re asking me to take fashion advice from a guy who wears a grass skirt in his spare time? Think again, dude.

Oh, and the nylons are NOT gonna happen, you bunch of perverted idiots. :wink:

Thanks for all the good suggestions, I hope to be in better shape tomorrow. As will my shoes be.

He doesn’t love any of us. Some mod. sniff

[sub]idiots indeed…[/sub]

Timberlands? BAH! Take 'em over to my pretentiousness thread! REAL men wear whatever crap’s on sale at Walmart. :wink:

Saw an ad for a store selling Italian shoes. They spoke of the comfort and fine workmanship associated with Italian footwear. My experience with them left me feeling that comfort and workmanship were concepts alien to the product, but damn, they looked good!