Colibri insulting me then warning me for taking him to task.

Come on, man. That was totally a “so there”.

So are we all agreeing that the earliest manifestation of man had latrines and regular bathing? So I’m the crazy one who thinks we might have been a little more primitive off the block? Ok.

Plenty of animals far more primitive than early man both clean themselves regularly and have specific places to urinate and defecate. Cats would be the obvious example, but there are many others.

Latrines. He said latrines and specifically contrasted it to places that merely had a special place to poo.

I guess this thread s getting off track because everyone wants to discuss the original topic rather than the moderation.

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That’s because everybody agrees with the moderation.

It’s probably best just to close this thread.

I’d say that you’re doing as good a job as any of the rest of us at pulling your own thread back to the other topic.

At any rate, I agree with Drunky Smurf – you aren’t getting any sympathy from anyone about the moderation.

What the hell – why are you so obsessed with this, CarnalK? Is this the hill you want to die on?

There is no way in which what he said was an attack. He just pointed out that oral sex does not involve putting your face in fecal matter.

Sure, you can argue there is fecal matter on anything. But you were talking about cultures before germ-theory. So they wouldn’t be aware of that. The only way it would be a problem is if they could actually detect it.

It was just a way to point out that you were wrong. You got so offended that you were wrong that you lashed out and crossed the line in insulting a poster, and are lucky you didn’t get a full on Warning. I would have given you one.

That’s an indication that you should take a long hard look at your position.

Even in the most mundane oral position, your chin is firmly in the taint. Are you seriously arguing that your taint contains a natural background level of fecal matter? Or are you arguing that the chin is not part of your face? Spell out this oh so obvious assertion please.

I’m starting to think that you are trying to bait someone into attacking your choice of sexual partners.

Taint only comes into play with cunninlingus.

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I’m talking from my oral sex perspective. BigT is also supposedly a heterosexual man. Why shouldn’t I be talking about cunnilingus?

And to speak candidly, if the taint isn’t remotely in play, you’re not getting very imaginative blowjobs.

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