Colibri insulting me then warning me for taking him to task.

I don’t get how I insulted Colibri other than not taking him quite as seriously as he perhaps thinks was required.

I mean let’s get something straight, HE commented that I was doing oral sex wrong because my face often comes into proximity of my partner’s bum. Since I’ve been having sex for a while now, that struck me as a rather peculiar assertion. He refused to retract it. And my pressing the issue apparently is worth a mod note?

Let’s get this clear: he insulted my sexual prowess with an obviously ridiculous position (ha!) and I’m given a warning for politely asking for an apology, retraction or argument to explain the situation himself.


It’s just a note, what’s the big deal? There’s already pages of back and forth seeming to go nowhere in the thread. How much time do you want to spend beating around the bush?

Here’s a link.

You should have gotten a warning.

Too lazy to read the thread again, but I thought he said you were doing it wrong because you said your face came into contact with fecal matter.

He was polite and joking. You were insulting and a jerk.
You deserved it.

I agree. Colibri deserved some push back and I was pretty darn pokite (besides using the word “ass” which was kinda unavoidable) Isn’t there an informal rule about Mods moderating their own discussions? Pretty outrageous.


You really gonna pick this mons to die on?

I must say the thread is the most distasteful topic in GQ and it just keeps getting bumped up. Therefore every poster (myself included) deserves some A-hole points.

Deliberately distorting the exchange and what happened in the thread doesn’t help your complaint. Let’s review:

First, the remark wasn’t directed at you personally. Second, I made it clear in further comments that “doing it wrong” referred to sticking your face in fecal matter, not “getting your face near your partner’s bum.”

These were the insulting comments you made to me made in response:

Now if you had said that to another poster besides myself, I would have issued a warning. I refrained only because I had been involved in the discussion.

I didn’t issue you a warning, but a note. You were trolling and being jerkish throughout the thread, deliberately distorting other people’s positions.

You’re engaging in exactly the same behavior now. Trolling in response to a note for trolling isn’t going to convince anyone a note wasn’t warranted.

Wrong. Despite your vaunted "evolution biology " degree, whatever that is, the fact remains that human pubic hair is constantly anointed with fecal matter, sometimes directly but often the same way bellybutton lint is formed. Through sweat deposits. Your ignorance of that is perfectly understandable but you chose to make your ignorance a point of pride. Not cool. Especially not cool: using your mod powers to hammer your ignorance.

Bullshit. Cite?

Cite that it is Bullshit??

That would be especially impressive. A cite for pubic hair being "constantly anointed with fecal matter’ would be acceptable.

golf clap

So you think sweat magically defies gravity and doesn’t enter the buttcrack? Or failing that, it magically doesn’t absorb material along the way? Or failing that, pubic hair magically doesn’t catch any of that sweat? That’s what you want me to cite? That magic doesn’t happen? :rolleyes:

“The feces odors come from a brew of indoles which have either thiol or amine substitutions or both … to which our noses are sensitive in exquisite degree … we can smell them at concentrations lower than we can smell methyl-mercaptan (the common odorant added to natural gas) … and because it takes so little of these species to make a stink, it’s hard to sort them out from all the rest of the shit.”

I Don’t think many people here would say that they smell shit while indulging in Carnal O.

I stand by my first post, " He was polite and joking. You were insulting and a jerk.
You deserved it."

You got a note?

Suck it up.
And more seriously, how do you want to define fecal material? Really how much? Because your standard reminds me of what a pediatric infectious disease professor once lectured: “If you are in a house with a toddler there is a microscopic level of poop on every surface. No matter how much you clean it is there. Just accept that fact and move on.”

This discussion is bad enough without bringing STDs into it. Caught from a club no doubt.

Yeah, sorry, CarnalK, you were (and still are) coming across as pretty jerkish on this.

You, in post 129 of that thread:

To which Colibri replied, in post 128, in what I thought was a very mature fashion, that he has spent extensive time in contact with traditional cultures, without saying, “so there!” (which you totally would have deserved):