When did oral sex become a common part of sex?

This appears to be the image depicting cunnilingus, from 14,000 years ago.

That’s the one.

That can’t be cunnilingus. His face is clearly near her ass. Surely the cavemen didn’t mean to document the wrong way to do it.

Anecdote is not data, but for what it’s worth, in my twenties, I spent a month camping in the Wind River Mountains as part of a wilderness school, sans showers, bathrooms, or toilet paper. I can attest from personal experience that it is quite possible to wipe yourself thoroughly with smooth stones or a big handful of snow (albeit with obligatory grimace and sharply-indrawn breath). I can also confirm that, thirty days of sweat funk not withstanding, uglies were bumped, among certain of my fellow students.

So you are providing anecdotal evidence that our ancestors probably had sex despite a lack of showers?

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No, I’m providing anecdotal evidence that the urge to get your freak on can outweigh a distaste for B.O. and less-than-pristine hygiene, even among modern Americans imbued with our cleanliness-is-next-to-godliness sensibilities. And that even “primitive” cultures, lacking access to Wet Wipes and Quilted Northern Two-Ply, are nevertheless able to clean their nether regions adequately.

It is “modern” man, not “primitive” man, who knows that so-called clean skin is far from sterile and actually laced with bacteria, yet people continue to enjoy all sorts of sex including the type described in this thread.

This book seems to put forth the idea that oral sex had been a part of the human sex life a long, long time.


So established before humanity, and even in non-primates. In ancient India (Kama Sutra), likely prehistoric times, China, discussed in Talmud

So it seems that it has always been a fairly common part of sex with some fairly brief periods of certain cultures officially discouraging it.

Is it more popular or more frequent now than say in the '40s? Maybe. This is from 2014.

But not a new thing.

My understanding is sex was a bit of male grunting in the dark for maybe ten minutes. Clothes might not be entirely removed. Bedrooms were often unheated.

Homes were much smaller in the 18th and 19th centuries. Extended family members might be in a loft space just above you. It was almost communal living. Think about the homes described in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books.

It’s hard to get freaky with Grandma snoring a few feet away.

My grandparents slept in separate beds (same room) the last thirty years of their marriage. He chewed tobacco and she dipped snuff. Not a good combination for oral sex.

Exactly. It’s my understanding that my father in law was a 3 pump chump but I guess a lifelong tradesman is a poorer lover than a caveman. Nice. Classism is alive and well.

In Kathmandu, I saw at least one ancient building covered with carvings of all sorts of sexual acts including oral. There is also a decent sex museum in Shanghai that, IIRC, makes it clear oral sex is nothing new.

I suspect it just feels new in the US due to long-standing Puritan sensibilities in some areas.


thanks. Not my experience, so i appreciate hearing yours.

I’m going to address this directly, although colibri covered it before.

If your bum is encrusted with poo, you are doing something wrong. Maybe you should address your diet. Maybe you have colitits, I dunno. But if you spread your cheeks when you defecate, and if you have healthy, well-formed turds, very little poop sticks to your bum. Or maybe I should say that very little poop sticks to my bum, and I doubt I’m unusual in that regard.

And as others have mentioned, smooth stones, leaves, snow, or even fingers can remove troublesome residue when things don’t work quite right.

That’s why it was called muff diving. Perhaps some of the younger generation do not know of the existence of muffs.

Username/thread title win.

I hadn’t noticed the smooth stone example. That makes a lot of sense. Hearing it I’m rather shocked that no wise company hasn’t started selling those as a Green alternative to toilet paper and showers. Probably catch a few of the Paleo diet crowd too. Probably hard to get under the price of fingers though.

“In addition to being a symbolic representation of male genitalia, it was also at times used for knapping flints"

That’s silly, a sex tool for two different uses? That would be like using, oh I don’t know, a hairbrush to masturbate with!

Justin Timberlake brought it back.