When did oral sex become a common part of sex?

No seriously, as clinically as possible explain how I’m “doing it wrong” that I notice my face close to my partner’s bum when we engage in a 69. I am honestly mystified.

If your partners bum typically has fecal matter on it, I don’t know what to say.

OK Dermatitis Neglecta or other forms of Dermatitis, which also can lead to pruritic lesion of skin tags which are similar to external hemorrhoids.

Evidence exists in Pompeii, ancient Egypt, Peru, and the Kamasutra.

As the Osiris myth is from or before the 24th century BCE why do you doubt that it existed before we developed writing?

In any case, fecal matter around the anus is not as much of a problem as you seem to imagine. A high-fiber diet and the traditional squatting posture used before the invention of toilets (which spreads the buttocks apart) is going to result in less residue. And humans had hands before they had glutei maximei; enough fecal matter to be irritating could be removed manually.

Why would you think they would be different?

She’s not a cavewoman. We have a supply of soap and water.

You ducked the question, I see. You can just say you’ve never done a 69. No shame.

The knowledge and wisdom of past generations.

You ducked the question about what you think a “caveman” is. Modern research shows that you’d find the same modern brain in humans up to 100,000 years ago.

Until you define what you consider a “caveman” your point is meaningless. Note that the Greeks didn’t really use use soap and water and still had documented oral sex practices.

69 is not the only way to perform oral sex.

I have never said we evolved to have bigger brains than cavemen so I honestly have no idea why you want me to cite that. And you surely can’t be asking me to cite that we have different knowledge, habits and practices than cavemen.

It is a fairly normal circumstance, in my experience anyway. When I brought it up, Colibri doubled down that I was “doing it wrong”. What say you?

You’ve moved the goalposts from “sticking your face in fecal matter” to “getting your face close to your partner’s bum.” The former is what I am referring to.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing 69 since before you were 6. :wink: I’ve never gotten my face in fecal matter. And this kind of goading doesn’t exactly make your posts more credible.

Also, as has been said, neither fellatio nor cunnilingus require one to get one’s nose close to the other person’s anus, even if this were an issue.

Cro-Magnons don’t appear to be that much different culturally to some recent hunter gatherer cultures. They’re modern humans in every way.

You’ve ducked or hand-waved just about every other point I’ve made. The fact that you keep harping on 69 shows you don’t have any actual counter arguments. You’re just grasping at straws.

So “caveman” is a rhetorical device? And you are resorting to circular logic. You can’t define a caveman, yet claim to know their practices?

You are also ignoring the presence of oral sex in orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, bears, bats, sheep, and wolves.

As you are the one claiming that there is something different between modern humans in a hunter gather society despite the behavior existing in our closest relatives you are making the novel claim and must provide evidence.

The null hypothesis in this case, due to the evidence, is that oral sex happened. It seems a non-novel behavior in similar social mammals and others.

Your argument seems to be that it is just “too icky” which isn’t much of an argument.

I am not ignoring bonobos and chimps. Are you reading the thread? I have clearly stated my hypothesis that our large gluteal muscles, unique amongst apes, makes our nether regions more gross.

Which also responds to Colibri, who above states I have ducked all his questions. He asked for my hypothesis. I gave it to him. He decided to ignore it. And he distinctly has decided not to admit his error that a 69 doesn’t require ass-face proximity.

Once again, it is ignoring that plus ignoring early documentation like Osiris.

Could we get back to addressing the OP, please?

I accept that documentation. I have not seen caveman documentation. The cave drawings cite was a bust.

I’ve addressed it several times. If you are going to ignore my posts there’s not much reason to continue to engage you.

Irrelevant to the general question, and as I’ve said continuing to bring it up just indicates you’re bringing nothing substantive to the discussion.

Which posts addressed the issue of enlarged gluteal muscles? I didn’t see them.

And for god’s sake, just admit that a 69 position puts your face near your partner’s ass. Why is that so difficult?

I’m not going to engage you further until you bring something substantive to the discussion. I suggest others do the same.

Wow. You can’t even admit an obvious error on something that is only partly significant to the central debate. Unbelievable.