Colin Firth is Dreamy.

I just got through six parts of the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice. Good God, Colin Firth is a dream boat. Brooding and English. A deadly combination. Hugh Grant called him a “sexy bitch” in an interview. Heh.

Off to hunt down Another Country and Tumbledown. It’s M and P S that IMS.

And he has a mildly nice story in the recent anthology Speaking with the Angel, edited by author Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, Fever Pitch). Colin Firth fans might like to look for that at the library or bookstore as well.

I couldn’t understand the obsession that the chick who wrote Bridget Jones had with him until I saw the movie. Rowwwrrr!

You should check out the movie…interestingly enough, the character Mark Darcy was originally based on Mr. Darcy in the BBC’c P&P.

So Colin Firth is playing the part of a character in a movie version of a boook that was based on himself playing another character in a TV miniseries. Ha!

Oooh…I read that too! Yes, it wasn’t bad at all.

Oh, I know. That’s why I watched P & P. But he’s just one of those guys who looks better in period clothes. With mutton chops. Perhaps that’s why he was a Barrister in Bridget Jones, so they had an excuse to put him in the robes. mmmm…

He WRITES too? Sheesh. A brooding English writer/actor is so much better than just a brooding English actor. And I know you’ll all go and tell me that he’s probably not REALLY brooding in real life. It’s just a couple of characters he’s played. Fine. Be that way.

Off to watch the Milos Foreman version of Dangerous Liasons, Valmont, in which he plays the John Malcovitch character. mmmm…

Ever so dreamy.

I read the Bridget Jones’s sequel, and Bridget and her pals made such a huge deal about the Mr. Darcy swimming scene in Pride and Prejudice. I finally watched all the videos a couple of weeks ago, and I found myself sorely disappointed with that scene (although I do admit that overall, the movie was just wonderful). I don’t know what I was expecting. Must remember it is A&E, and not the Spice Channel. Therefore, no nekkid Mr. Darcy skinny-dipping action, a la A Room with a View.

If there’s a “Bridget Jones’s Diary” movie sequel (and I suspect there will be) how will Bridget interview the actor Colin Firth when Colin Firth is portraying Mr. Darcy in the movie?

God, I LOVED that BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. They cast Lizzy well, which is incredibly important. I was so miserable when I got through that last tape.

I saw in the credits of Circle of Friends that Colin Firth appears. I saw that ages ago, before I knew who he was, so I can’t recall his part or how big it was.

In Circle of Friends, Colin Firth played the rich guy from the girls’ home town. He had an affair with the red-haired girl - oh, gosh I can’t remember her character name - played by Saffron Burrows. She got pregnant, he wouldn’t marry her, so she framed Chris O’Donnell.


Yep, I read both the Bridget Jones books a little while ago. The Colin Firth obsession was a bit puzzling, that is, until I saw the movie as well. :smiley: He’s sexy…very sexy.

I finished Valmont, and it is a bit disappointing. Colin is not at ALL brooding. Sure, he’s sexy, but he lacks mutton chops and his hair is too long in general. So here is my current theory:

Edwardian England: Colin is a dreamboat
Slightly post Louis XIV France: Colin is less dreamy.
Modern London: Colin is dreamy enough, but he needs mutton chops.

Of course, my other reason for watching Valmont was to see Meg Tilly and he together. According to IMDB, they had a long standing relationship, and a kid. Curiouser and curiouser. I mean, Meg’s better than Jennifer, but STILL…

and yes, I did love P & P in general, other than Mutton Chops. Jennifer Ehle or whatever her name is was perfect. It made me want to be more like Lizzie in general. And not just because she gets Mutton in the end.

Is the Valmont you all are talking about the one with whatsherface (Warren Beatty’s wife) playing the Glenn Close role?

If so, I’m going to have to watch it again.

With my vibrator. :smiley:

Annette Benning!

Yep. Although I’ll repeat: there are no mutton chops, and Colin is not brooding at all. He smiles too much.

However, there is a scene where he falls into a pond which is terribly reminicent of the P & P scene (even though Valmont came out before P & P. Whatever.)

That is my favorite part of the whole movie. He looks SSSOOOO good. I always tell my friends that if they are only going to watch part of that movie, they need to watch number four. That is where the WTS scene is. ooh yummy.:smiley:

Loved that version of P&P. In fact it was on sale at Sam’s Club for ~$25 a few months ago and I could have kicked myself for not buying it!

Thought Colin Firth fit the role of Mr. Darcy very well. However, don’t think Firth is all that sexy. Ditto for Hugh Grant. British men just seem to be too in touch with their feminine side or something. I saw a picture of Hugh Grant with shirt off awhile back and my immediate reaction was: Find some weights, man! I like my men to have pecs. Elizabeth Hurley has bigger muscles than he does!

Lisa, wondering how I got so shallow. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen CF in a couple of things, all of which I sought out because of P&P. Unfortunately he isn’t as remotely dreamy in any of them as he is in P&P. It’s just the role of Darcy that does it, I think. In Apartment Zero he plays a wacko roommate, in Another Country he plays a cranky socialist roommate (of course that movie has Rupert Everett and Cary Elwes as well), and in Valmont he’s not nearly as malevolent as Malkovich (well, who could be?). He’s one of those lucky, talented guys who’s been working steadily since he left drama school and can’t believe how fortunate he’s been. Yes, P&P is the best!

He was Lord Wessex in Shakespeare in Love!

He played such a weasel! GAH!

He was also Kristen Scott Thomas’s puffy husband in The English Patient.


Now you can buy his shirt: