Colin Powell and Afghanistan

Is there any substance to the story that Powell didn’t want to send the military into Afghanistan resulting in a fall from grace in the administration?

Where did you hear that?

Well, Powell has generally been less enthusiastic about the military in the Middle East according to this old Time issue I have here…

… dated Sept. 10. Never mind. Carry on!

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There were stories in some of the papers at the time that Powell wanted more time to solidify the backing of other nations, particularly in the mideast and central asia, before sending in the troops. Sorry, no cite.

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Powell lost his power a long time ago.

Bush has consistently sided with the Rumsfeld/Rice side from early on in the administration. In Powell’s defense, he is the secretary of state, which means that he is supposed to try to solve this country’s problems in a diplomatic way.

Nevertheless, he has been brushed aside by President Bush, who has always sided with Rice/Rumsfeld. I think if not for the terrorist attacks, he’d already have been ousted by now. If Bush win re-election there is no doubt in my mind that he will be replaced. well, i am stating the obvious.

If you do a bit of research you will find that bush has consistently taken rice and rumsfield’s side. off the top of my head, i recall that the most publicrift was bush’s “axis of evil” speech. of course powell vehemently opposed this, but was yet again shot down by rice and rumsfeld.

I kind of feel sorry for the guy, as in normal times he’d have been allowed to gracefully retire.

try googlin on “powell rice rumsfeld” and you will get an idea on the power struggle in the white house.

oops… i forgot another huge powell/bush war over the guantanimo prisoners. Powell wanted to give them war-prisoner status under the geneva convention guidelines… his view was that by not granting them these rights that american troops captured by the enemy would be at risk. As you all know Poqwll loar out to rice/rumsfeld.

anyway, i’m not taking sides, but merely observing that bush aligned with rumsfeld and rice yet again. eh. Powell has worn out his welcome to bush, as all astute political observers learned long ago.