Collective noun for black holes

A holeum
A warp
A shred

An abyss.

A Maximillian of Black Holes

What about Massholes?

Excuse me but is there always a specific noun for a group of specific things in English? or American?
In French, that’s more generic: “troupeau” for sheeps, cows,… “Banc” for fish. But “un groupe” stands for anything.

If there isn’t, then we make one up.

Yes and no.

There are languages with many collective nouns (although, IME, even those aren’t very fussy about using the correct noun vs generic “group” or “set”).
English is more like French in this regard: group and set can be used in many situations, and there are multi-use collective nouns just as you describe e.g. we have a “herd” of sheep, cows, etc a “shoal” of (whatever) fish etc.

Then there are the others which were initially intended to be witty and then only caught on in terms of showing it’s a thing you know.

For example, I have never once in my life heard anyone refer to a group of owls as a “parliament” (sure, maybe someone who studies and writes about owls every day, but not in normal conversation). But, OTOH, I have heard several times the trivia question of “What is a group of more than one owl called?”

Don’t take this thread too seriously. Making up these collectives is a game. Why a “murder of crows”? I like a “caucus of crows” since it is a pun and also captures the sound they make. Maybe spell it cawcus.

Calcutta? Some might object to that.

An accretion.

A gravity of black holes.


Yes, what a way to make light of a horrific event.

A conspiracy of black holes.

oh thanks.

A helicopter of black holes.

A hobo (whole bowl) of black holes.