Collective Noun for Jackals

Is there some nifty word for a group of jackals? It’s such a reviled animal that I would expect a really good sort of collective noun, but I’ve been unable to find one.

The nifty word is pack, which isn’t terribly interesting.

How about a congress of jackals?
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A junta of jackals?
A jamboree of jackals?
A jar of jackals?
A jealousy of jackals?
A jihad of jackals?
A jitney of jackals? (There’s an interesting image.)
A jollity of jackals?
A jumble of jackals?

heh, heh - “congress” of jackals - that’s pretty good

I am not a big fan of collective nouns - it’s a parlor game that has outlived the need for parlor games - but I did ask a question about them in general a few weeks ago (I wanted to know why they existed in so much variety and the whole parlor game dimension was discussed)

In the same thread, the book “An Exaltation of Larks” by James “I am also the host of ‘In the Actor’s Studio’ and can be a fawning sychophant with the best of them” Lipton - it may have a listing for jackals if you want to check a reference title…

I once read of an accidental, and accidentally clever, one. A pompous writer (W.F. Buckley, perhaps,) was interviewed over the phone, and he referred to a group of people as “Jacobins.” When the interview was published, the Jacobins became jackal-bins in print.

So, there you go; jackal bins, a bin of jackals. I once knew why it was insulting to call someone a Jacobin, but I have forgotten.