College Basketball 2009

Georgetown almost lost their second game of the year to Temple. If you have 2 really good players and a OK supporting cast, you can win in college ball. Nobody is safe.

I still follow Tubby Smith from his time at UK. I think that he is a decent man with a class act and a fine basketball coach. I was impressed by his team’s win over Butler today, a better ranked team. I’m pleased to see him succeeding outside the pressure cooker that is Lexington, KY.

Sorry about that, dalej42. :wink:

Historically, Temple has generally had decent teams. I can’t accuse Georgetown of scheduling a cupcake here. The worst in my opinion was Michigan under Bill Freider. To get on their non-conference schedule you had to suck and be willing to come to Ann Arbor.

Historically, Syracuse used to fatten their record with cupcakes and cremepuffs in the pre conference season. I was amazed when they actually played in that tournament last week with some ranked teams.

Aaaaaaaand Kentucky takes down UNC. Wall is a freaking stud. If he hadn’t left the game I’m confident UK would have won by 15 points.

Next victim: UCONN

cough 10-0 cough

UK and KU seem to be the class of the NCAAs so far. But it’s still December, and things can happen between now and March. Injuries, freshman development, etc. But got to give UK props so far, as they have beaten everybody they’ve played.

Yeah, anything could happen yet. I generally don’t get comfortable until SEC play is close to over to get a good feel for where the team is at.

Yeah, but you know it will all end with Duke breaking your heart in the tournament. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha. We exorcised the demons of Christian Laettner in the 1998 tournament.

I can’t even watch most Pac-10 this year. EDIT-USC is putting the hurt on Tennessee. Interesting upset in front of about 35 fans in Los Angeles.

I saw some of the amazing Texas win over UNC today however. Texas is going to be a serious contender for national champion and might have the easiest road there.

Looks like it is Kansas, Kentucky, and Texas and then…

Uh oh Tennessee. You’re losing to USC 61-40 with under 8 minutes left…Gonzaga got destroyed by Duke…UNC lost by 13 to Texas…

Merry X-mas FGIE, an early present.

What? What happened? What do I win, a Pinto?

Happy New Year.

So, we bitchslapped UNC at home, beat a tough UConn team at a neutral site (have a feeling we may see them again in March) and went to Bloomington to beat the Hapless Hoosiers before coming home, getting UK2K against Drexel and surviving the biggest trap game of the year in Long Beach State.

Assuming everyone comes back ready to work on the 26th, we should have no trouble with Hartford before Pitino brings Louisville Community College to town.

The question then becomes, if we beat Little Brother, who beats this team in SEC play? Florida’s pretty shaky, with some BAD losses, Tennessee just got embarrassed by a Pac-10 team and the rest of the league is not great.

My guess is that a fairly tough Vandy team may be able to use Memorial Gym to their advantage, again, and steal one in Nashville, but otherwise, I’m not sure where the losses would come from before the SEC Tournament.

UK isn’t the best team in the country yet (that honor goes to Texas) but by February, they may be there. It’s like 1996 all over again, except this time Calipari’s on our sideline and not the opposing one.


And yeah…nice summation there. The SEC is weak this season.

So, Cincy knocks off UConn at home (admittedly, on a questionable foul call) and West Virginia narrowly survives against Marquette.

Meanwhile, John Wall (or Blue Jesus) set the single-game Kentucky assists record Tuesday night against Hartford, the 3-point shooting looked solid and DeMarcus Cousins continued his quest to record a double-double in less than 15 minutes of playing time.

Pac Ten conference play starts today! Going to catch the repeat of ASU/UCLA right after the Arizona/USC game. Arizona playing against Kevin O’Neill for the first time.

I had the misfortune of attending the NC State / Florida game in Raleigh, NC yesterday, which was won 62-61 by the Gators on a 75 foot shot as time expired in overtime.

Its hard being a Wolfpack fan.