College Basketball Omnibus Thread

I don’t know why he should feel compelled to apologize, at all. Jones fucked up and deserved it. Its not like he choked him or punched him or anything.

If Pat Knight (Texas Tech) get his ass fired before he plays at Oklahoma State, I’ll be pissed.

My buddies who sit right by the bench are all going to be wearing suits so we look better than his entire staff.

January 27, 2001.

Remember the Ten.


Bizarre that there’s no Wikipedia page for this.

I really haven’t been following college basketball this season, but what is up with the West Virginia player that quit his team in the middle of the game? I’ve never heard of something like this happening except perhaps in a kids league.

I cannot stand Doug Gottlieb, but that’s a very well-written article.

Its high time to revive this thread!


Duke fan here. I think they’ll have problems against a big physical team, but Kyrie Irving could cure a lot of ills. Anyone know whether he has any chance at a return? Or should I start my Austin Rivers countdown (he looks exceptional!)?

Gonzaga fan here. We got an 11 seed in a winnable bracket. I’d take the 11 seed over an 8/9 any day. The road to the top is an injured St Johns and a fornicating BYU.

Lots of bitching on ESPN about VCU and UAB in the tournament, over Colorado, Va Tech etc. This is precisely the reason why I think a college football 8 team playoff is a mistake. The bitching would only get worse when it is between 8 and 9 instead of #68 and #69.

I’m thoroughly fed up with Bruce Weber. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if they get rolled by Lon Kruger’s Rebs, a small part of me is hoping for another embarrassment to expedite his ouster. I’m not sure the Illini deserved the #9 seed anyways but it’ll probably ensure that they aren’t making it out of the first weekend. Kinda interesting that the Illini could face their two most recent coaches in back-to-back games, in Kruger at UNLV and Self at Kansas. Winning both those games would feel really damn good.

Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe was on the Selection Committee and he just blew Colorado a big wet kiss as they head to the PAC-12.

One of the guys on ESPN sounded like he was saying that the selection committee was looking to throw the mid-major schools a bone by choosing VCU and UAB over two major-conference schools. One can only guess as to why they would want to do this; improved public perception, maybe? (Everyone loves a Cinderella).

For all intents and purposes we DO already have a selection process for post-season DI-A football: it’s the procedure by which teams are selected to go to the four BCS bowls and the “National Title” game. I’m not sure if bitching would be significantly more if this process were used to determine playoff seeding as opposed to who goes to the multi-million-dollar payout BCS bowls. We already put certain teams up on a pedestal at the end of the year; why not let them go ahead and duke it out to see who’s really the best? And I’m guessing the non-BCS bowls would still be there if a playoff were implemented, there’s just too much money tied up in those games for the conferences to allow them to be phased out.

UK got SCREWED with a 4 seed in the roughest bracket. Florida as a 2 is a joke

Don’t buy it. ESPN it bitching because they don’t have the rights to the tournament this year, and they hate UAB because of a tv deal dispute with their conference.

Do Colorado and Va Tech deserve to be in? Yes.

But the teams they should replace are Penn State and Clemson. ESPN won’t attack those teams though because of their conference affiliation.

There was some outrage on ESPN about Clemson in the tournament. Didn’t hear any about Penn St.

I didn’t pay too much to CBB this year. Mostly ambivalence. I can’t make a judgment one way or another.

I just noticed the existence of the Postseason Tournament because a school in my neck of the woods, East Carolina, received an invitation. It would appear that college basketball is eventually working its way toward the ideal that college football has held up – if you have a winning record, or at the very least came close to one (and tried really hard), you should have some kind of postseason experience. On the other hand, maybe the real tournament’s chances of expanding into meaninglessness will be curbed, just a little bit, if a bunch of pretend tournaments come into existence to pick up the slack.

350 schools play D 1 ball

68 get invited to the NCAA Tourney

32 to the NIT

For the last few years 16 mid majors get invited to the collegeinsider tourney.

I seriously doubt it will make a difference

A higher percentage of D1 football teams get to play in bowl games than basketball teams play in the post season.

I agree that UK deserved a better seed and Florida deserved a lower seed, but no matter…the tears of the OSU fans will be sweet sustenance in the round of 16.