College Basketball Omnibus Thread

NC State coach quits after 5 years

Games are about to tip.

:::Cue the 2004 (and best) One Shining Moment. Even if it has that damn GT kid:::

Kentucky narrowly escaped a first round bounce! But that’s OK…there’s no way the freshman trio of Lamb, Jones and Knight play that badly again in the tourney. At least, I hope not!

“GT Kid”??? Huh?

Ga Tech? or Georgetown?

Luke Schenscher.

Georgia Tech.

Oh yeah, the big guy from…Australia, I think it was. I remember him.

Well, what’s left of the ACC tips off today, can’t wait. Kyrie Irving is supposed to play for Duke, that ought to be interesting. And I sure hope my 'Heels don’t dig themselves into one of the holes they kept winding up in during the ACC Tourney. Yesterday’s games were nuts - seemed like every one was going down to the last minute. You can hardly afford to just walk through even the early games, that’s how brackets get busted.

it was a great day to be a UK fan from the hills currently living in Louisville.

Oh yeah…that’s the other good part about yesterday…not only did UK win, but U of L lost!

[nelson muntz] HA-HA![/nelson muntz]

So many experts picked Belmont to dump Wisconsin in the first round, based quite a bit on Wisconsin’s freakishly bad shooting performance in the Big 10 tournament. But what they forgot was that Bo Ryan does not lose in the First round. This is five years in a row they have won their first round game. What they also forgot is that Wisconsin might have the best pure point guard in the country in Jordan Taylor and guard play is extremely important in the tourney.

Yes, most of my college going high school classmates went to Morehead State. Facebook really lit up when Morehead won.

Michigan beats the snot out of the Vols without making a free throw.

They only took 1 FT but scored 75 points.

I don’t think Bruce Pearl is going to have a job this time next week.

To me, that sort of indicates the players had quit on the coach. How could you possibly be playing hard and only give up one free throw all game? Just desire and effort on defense will land you two fouls a game minimum.

Take that, fathead Huggins!

Some of the dudes on the N.C. State fan boards are already putting Bruce’s name in the hat of acceptable possible replacements for Sidney Lowe. Then again, they also want Rick Barnes. Yeah, good luck with that, guys.

Wow. People are gonna be talking about the end of the Butler/Pitt game for years. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything quite like it.

I know there’s still a lot of time left but DAMN! Go 'Noles!!!

Sweet 16- ACC rises to the top once again

ACC-3 teams (Duke, UNC, FSU)
SEC - 2 teams (UK, UF)
Big 10-2 teams (OSU, Wisc)
MWC-2 teams (SDSU, BYU)
Big (“OVER-RATED”) East-2 teams (UConn, Marquette)

Big 12, Atantic 10, Horizon, PAC10, Colonial - 1 team

WOOT! Take THAT Notre Dame!

I am irrationally pleased that Michigan lost.

It’s irrational because I went to Michigan.