College Basketball Omnibus Thread

City of Richmond has as many sweet 16 teams as the entire Big East.

Thank you for pointing that out. Hilarious!

As expected Pearl is out at Tenn

Whoa. Good job bitching so much about VCU, sports media guys, you just “inspired” them to reach the Sweet 16.

VCU might need a new coach soon, he could get an offer from a bigger school

I’m not irrationally pleased that Michigan lost, I’m just plain pleased. I went to Wisconsin. :slight_smile:

Really, really happy Notre Dame’s out too.

As a UF alum, I don’t say this often, but congratulations, 'Noles, on a great tournament thus far. Keep up the good work.



Don’t ask me how, but we are BACK, BABY!

I’ll repost here something I wrote this morning before the UK-UNC game.
Today is not just another game.

Today is what college basketball is all about. Today is what Kentucky basketball is all about.

Today is not just another game.

Today is a chance to avenge a loss to a hated rival. Today is a chance to declare that we will not be denied our place on top of the mountain.

Today is not just another game.

Today is for John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe. Today is for Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks. Today is for Patrick Sparks and Chuck Hayes. Today is for Tayshaun Prince and Keith Bogans. Today is for the Unforgettables. Today is for Dan Issel, Mike Pratt and every other player to put on the blue and white and not hear their name called at a Final Four.

Today is not just another game.

Today is for us, the fans. Today is for everyone from Hickman to Hazard, from Paducah to Pikeville, from Boone County to Bowling Green. Today is for the faithful who never gave up through Team Turmoil, through losing to UAB, through losing to Michigan State, through the disgrace of an NIT berth.

Today is not just another game.

On, on, U of K. On to Houston and on to glory.

So, uh, Brian, who do you have winning the tourney?

Well it has been about 12 hours since UConn beat Kentucky. I figure that is enough time for the Kentucky Basketball team to drop out of school once again this year.

I don’t think any of the UK freshman are NBA ready yet, although out of the three of them, Knight is probably the most likely to leave. If just two of them stay, UK will be knocking on the door again next season as they have an unbelievably sick recruiting class coming in for next season.

And as for this season…I am happy with the overall outcome. They went a lot farther than I thought they would, especially if you had asked me mid-season. They really found a way to gel and come together and but for a really off shooting night, they’d still be dancing with Butler instead of UCONN. They just couldn’t make open shots last night. It happens to the best of teams.

The best teams make their free throws

True dat. Just ask that Memphis team that lost to Kansas for the National Championship a couple of years ago. Who was the coach of that Memphis team again? Hmmm…

Best news this tourney season? UConn women lose in the F4. :slight_smile:

True, but it wasn’t just missed free throws…UK was terrible percentage-wise from the floor, especially in the 1st half. And these weren’t hotly contested shots, either. They couldn’t get the wide open looks to go down.

I didn’t say anything about the NBA. I said dropping out of school. Perhaps I am jaded about Univ of Kentucky and Calipari in particular, but I sincerely doubt any of their starting lineup attended more than 10 classes between them during the current school semester.

Really? So you’re saying Brandon Knight with his 4.0 average is committing academic fraud?

Of course, I’m sure you’ve actually looked into it.

No, I haven’t looked into it. And the statement I made was not a statement of fact. Using the word “doubt” was a clue that was expressing my opinion. It was my impression of Calipari and what happened last year.

And the alleged 4.0 would have happened in the fall semester, when, IIRC, the kids actually had to do something in order to be academically eligible for the season.

From everything that I’ve heard about him, Knight breaks the mold a bit, and is legitimately an excellent student. He probably even passed Algebra 2 before he got his A in Algebra 3.

(What, I couldn’t be ALL nice to Calipari. His teams have gotten away with, or not gotten away with, some skeevy stuff. Knight seems like a good guy though from what I’ve seen.)

NBA-bound Marcus Camby met with an agent while at UMASS. College students can come and go as they please. How is a basketball coach going to prevent that from happening? Armed guards 24/7?

Derrick Rose had some fudging going on with his grades or SAT scores, IIRC. Isn’t it possible that Calipari knew nothing of it?

Can anyone point me towards definitive proof of these allegations actually sticking to Calipari himself?