College Bowl, First Qualifying Round

I see this is being aired tonight on NBC at 20:00 EDT. Does anyone else plan to watch?

So what is this?

^^I think it’s this (but on NBC):

It is an intellectual Olympics that has been going on for a very long time, where teams from different colleges compete against each other.
College Bowl - Wikipedia

No, it is not.

Watched till the first commercial, then gave up.

I was a huge fan of the original College Bowl, hosted by Alan Ludden, then Betty White’s husband. I even was my school’s team for a radio and then tv version that used current events instead of general knowledge questions.

This dumbed-down glitz tried to stuff a half-hour show into an hour format and was excruciating to watch.

@TheCuse. Please tell us you’re kidding.

Thank you.

No, I wasn’t. I know they come out very early for bowl games. As you can see the link was from May. It just wouldn’t surprise me if it was televised.

I googled 2021 college bowl and links like that showed up.

I never heard of the thing you’re talking about.


Thank you, I didn’t know that was still around and didn’t recall its name. I vaguely recall the Dick Cavett version.

I don’t remember Dick Cavett doing College Bowl at all. When was he the host? All I remember is Ludden.

It’s just a trivia game between college teams.

^^I see that now.

I learn something new here every day.

According to Wikipedia, Dick Cavett hosted a 1987 tournament. Some people are young, I guess.

I might be thinking of something else then. I thought it was sometime in the 70s.

On a somewhat higher level than, say, Funny You Should Ask.

I don’t remember it being trivia, it was supposed to be college-level knowledge questions in different fields like math and history. But I haven’t watched it since the 70’s.

On the other hand, it was mostly just repetition of facts that they had supposedly learned, rather than analysis or deep thought.

Just finished watching it. I was disappointed. Incredibly dumbed-down from what I remember.

I watched it. ISTR that the original version moved a lot faster than this one (the contest portions, that is, not the interminable infomercials for each school.)

The students didn’t impress me either. (“Of the people, by the people, for the people” was in the Emancipation Proclamation? Yeah, right.)

And they could have found a better host (preferably one without an idiot brother).

Did they get their contestants from recent Jeopardy! shows? Those morons didn’t even guess where it was from.