College Football 2020: We Doing This Or What?

If the ACC goes conference only, I assume they’ll include Notre Dame even if they’re not officially a member.

That would probably require some serious schedule-juggling, as the ACC has fourteen teams playing football (not counting Notre Dame), so it’s not like there is just one team not playing a conference game each week.

And what would they do to the Florida State vs Florida game? That’s a $$$$ game.

I’m trying to stay optimistic, it’s just so damn hard to follow sports without either getting lectures about shutting everything down or virus hoax shit poisoning the conversation

Colleges probably should be one of the last institutions who have in-person classes (as you’d have to figure out dorm situations, etc). So that would really hamper college football I’d imagine. They’d have to figure out something. I’ve also heard rumors of perhaps they could consider a Spring season?

I saw something last night about junior colleges considering a spring season, and there’s been some local talk about possibly doing that even at the high school level. Lots of logistical challenges involved…

So that’s why the Trump administration is trying to force non-resident college students to attend in-person classes only!

Now it all makes sense! If them there ferriners are on-campus, there’s enough students to fill the stadiums and it makes it worth while to hold the football games! And, if the virus gets spread among the stands, well it ain’t our good 'Merikan kids getting sick!

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Michigan said if they play they may have no fans or reduced capacity.

I want a season as badly as the next fan (this was going be the year for my Golden Bears!) but jeez…all signs point to No. No fans in the stands, no students on campus, no OOC games - there hasn’t been a single positive development. The only reason no FBS school or conference hasn’t pulled the plug yet is nobody wants to be the first to turn away from all that money. But it’s inevitable.

So do they move the season to the Spring? What does this mean for eligibility and scholarship limits? What about the NFL draft? Those are all good questions, but the lack of answers isn’t alone good enough reason to play in the fall. Dammitalltohell.

The Pac-12 is running into a potential problem with dropping non-conference games but playing the rest. Those non-conference opponents, mostly small schools who get big payouts for playing a D1 FBS school, are saying the Pac-12 still needs to pay. Even though the contracts usually include some “natural disaster” or “act of god” clause, it becomes more difficult to argue that the game can’t be played if the conference games are still on.

It’s also going to be tough to justify the recurring testing of all the players and staff that will be required, when there are shortages of tests for the rest of us. Best case, there a few games here and there, but I think the bulk of the season will be canceled.

I love college football as much as anyone. It probably offers the best regular season product for fans of any sport at any level. I’m especially happy as an LSU Tigers fan.

But I think they’re foolish if they go on with football season as planned. Contrary to all of the speculative headlines, I am not bullish on a vaccine anytime soon. But I am cautiously optimistic that we will be able to treat the worst cases expeditiously and effectively by the end of the year. And we might get to a point where institutions can build in safeguards in public places and effectively impose some self-regulation that will slow down the spread. But even that will probably take us toward the end of the year.

Until sometime in early 2021, we should plan to save mass gatherings for everything other than voting, which is necessarily a matter of life-and-death civic duty, IMO. But college sports, pro sports, and music concerts can wait.

Slightly off topic, but I read a very encouraging article (Washington Post, I believe) that said we may be just weeks away from a quick & easy test – analogous to a home pregnancy test but with saliva. Just spit on a test strip and wait a few minutes.

This could be the thing that gets us back to normal the fastest. Any time a group gets together (students heading into a classroom, players gathering for practice) everybody lines up and spits. Anyone positive: quarantine (and take a more accurate but slower test). Everybody else: hit the field, boys.

I can dream…

The more I read, the more I’m convinced that even trying to play football…or really any team sport other than maybe golf…is a really bad idea right now. I suspect the attempts to play baseball and basketball are doomed to fail, and when they do, those in charge will pull the plug on anything else.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron says that the country “needs football” at this time. Translation: he needs to be paid his full salary this year so that he can afford the down payment on that new yacht he has his eyes on…and that Lamborghini is looking quite tempting as well.

If I was a betting person, I’d say no CFB at all this year. No team sports till 2021 at the earliest. Sure, the colleges will lose tons of money but it is just too risky now.

I think you’re right. And my guess is that some mess with the upcoming NBA restart will trigger things - a few star players test positive, or one or two teams have to withdraw completely. The NBA started the first shutdown, they might as well start the second.

That hasn’t affected MLS. Dallas and Nashville had to be sent home due to too many cases, but the tournament is now a week in and seems to be doing ok. There was a delay in one of the games because one player seemed to have tested positive, but had two negative tests afterwards.

MLS is a different situation. If two NBA teams were sent home early from their Orlando bubble, I have no doubt the rest of the games would be called off.

Not only is the NCAA working on the principle that college football will be played this year, but it wants bowl games played as well, as it just passed a new rule for 2020; a school can count two wins against FCS teams (instead of just one, which is the normal rule) when determining its bowl eligibility. I am guessing that this is to make it easier for schools that had games cancelled on them due to their opponents being in “no non-conference games” conferences to find replacement games without worrying about possibly losing bowl eligibility if they replace an FBS opponent with an FCS one.

Oh they’re clinging so tightly to the cliff edge, like Japan and the 2020 Olympics. Missing college football will wound me gravely, but jesus christ, don’t put the students at risk.