College Football War of the Superlatives

who’s fed up with it?
reggie bush the ebst running back ever?
vince youg the best college quarterback ever?

bah…don’e gimme that crap…
it’s good because it’s recent.

aaaaaaaand i’m spent with this rant.

Dude. That… was… AWESOME!

patroniziong the new member ISN’T needed, buster.

…yeah…NOT needed.

It’s a superlative conspiracy.

Still. . .

In the pre-game host John Saunders told analysts Craig James and Aaron Taylor. that 'This is the most eagarly anticipated College football game in our lifetimes." And no one laughed

I just wanted to post that I misread this thread title as

College Football War of the Superlaxatives!!!

Well, it’s probably true, would you agree?

For some of those reasons I outlined.

Long winning streaks, Heisman trophy candidates/winners. Big time programs. Big time coaches. A game that was definitely going to settle who was #1 – no third team claiming a share.