College Graduation Made Less Enjoyable by Rude Guests

But that’s the style! Didn’t you see today’s paper?

Personally, I’m against “hold your applause until the end.” A couple seconds of individual applause and shout-outs doesn’t seem an excessive recognition for several years of hard work. Like BellRungBookShut-CandleSnuffed, I see graduations as serious but not solemn.

My high school graduation was held in a big sports stadium - my graduating class had something like 967 students.

It was only distracting when people nearby started to act up,otherwise anything that wasn’t broadcast over the sound system was off the radar.

People (my parents included) were leaving as soon as their kid’s name was called. My name is near the top of an alphabetical list. The ceremony took forever.

They did ask people to hold applause until the end. My best friend ( who had been going through some horrific family problems and was very distracted ) turned to me and said “Warren Zycliff is a really popular guy, I guess”.

My college graduation had over 1000 undergrads, and then some master’s and PhDs as well. Do YOU want to start and stop clapping 1500 times? And you think each time it would only be for a second or two and it wouldn’t cause a delay in the ceremonies? It would be chaos and the ceremony would take even longer (mine was over four hours in the first place, good GOD I can’t imagine what it would have been like if everyone had their own applause.)

I agree with this post wholeheatedly.

(After sitting through my sister’s graduation ceremony, I opted not to go to my own.)

My daughter graduated from the University of Central Florida on May 3. Hers was one of 4 graduation ceremonies - there were lots of grads. They also asked people to be considerate with their noise-making so everyone could hear their grads’ names called. Some folks didn’t, alas.

What really hacked me off, tho, were the people who decided to leave after seeing their grads walk the stage. The students were not lined up alphabetically, so you had to pay attention or you’d miss yours, and several times, our view of the stage was blocked because folks in front of us were bailing out. In fact, we almost didn’t get to see our daughter - the ass next to me, who made/took at least 4 phone calls during the ceremony - stood up and made to leave just seconds before our kid was called. So we did get to see her, and the ass left immediately after.

Some people are so self-centered… grrrrrrrr

Every single graduation I’ve ever been to has been this way. College, High School, Kindergarten, it doesn’t matter. A request is made to hold applause until the end but every crowd has large numbers of people that just won’t do it.

There were fewer than 100 people in my high school graduating class and it took forever because the person reading the names waited for the noise to die down before proceeding. It’s part of the reason that I chose not to participate in the graduation ceremony when I finished college.

At my graduation from college my entire major got bombed at a champagne brunch before hand and we were taking shots during the ceremony. I completely disagree with graduation being a solemn occasion and even as a serious one it would be long and boring. All I remember about our graduation speaker was that he started off with a great joke and the rest was long and boring and half way through he stopped to tell us to shut up. By us I mean the 70 kids in my major. I guess what I’m saying is just be glad that the people graduating cared at the one you went to.

Just be thankful you weren’t at my graduation. My husband spent the ceremony behind the bleachers vomiting because he spent the entire night drinking boilermakers. That was one miserable, horrible day. That’s why I didn’t attend the ceremony for my MA. One was enough…

I graduated from Virginia Tech this past weekend and they didn’t even bother asking guests not to cheer. There will be people cheering and shouting no matter what you say so you might as well just allow it. I wish that they’d kept the air horns and jet balloons out but I really didn’t mind the shouting and clapping.

I don’t think that graduations need to be solemn or somber. The graduates have just finished four (give or take) years of hard work and have reached a major accomplishment. It’s an occasion worthy of celebration.

I’m kind of surprised this bothers people. I graduated with a class of around 8,000 and the ceremony was held at the Big House. I really don’t think it could have been anything other than complete chaos–and I wouldn’t want it to be, really. If there’s any day students should get away with being goofy and irreverent, it’s graduation day.

We had a big ceremony for my entire university class of 1,500 undergrads and 1,500 graduate students. We then split off for small, intimate departmental ceremonies.

That allowed an early morning drinking and party event, followed by a sobriety inducing luncheon and a hung-over solemn departmental affair.

It worked.

It’s annoying because no one wants to be there an extra 2 hours because people just have to clap furiously after every single person. It doesn’t have to be somber, but people should be respectful of others and let the parents hear their kids’ names being called. Some quick, normal volume clapping, quick ‘woo!’ for your kid is fine, people did that and it did not prevent the next person’s name from being heard. But the people at mine sounded like drunken frat boys at a football game - just screaming, yelling, stomping their feet on the upper level of bleachers so it was REALLY LOUD. And they did not stop when the next kid was being called. It’s just that large groups often can’t be given a little leeway - give an inch take a mile and all that. I’m glad the people I was sitting between had sane families that didn’t need to go schizo so my parents could hear my name.

And I was cracking jokes with those around me during the whole ceremony, just quietly. It made it a more tolerable experience. But college graduation is still a ceremony entrenched in tradition (a lot of it stupid yeah, but it’s still there) and I think people should be respectful of others during it.

I’ve been invited to kindegarten graduations. Soon mastering the potty will require a commencement speaker.

My graduation was at the college-level of my university only (as it was, we took up a large amount of room in one of the few venues in the area that could hold all of us).

People with airhorns? Check.

People yelling assorted nonsense at the soon-to-be graduates? Check.

People (graduating and attending) dressed in a way lacking decorum? Check.

Random outbreaks of applause? Not bad at all, actually. The ceremony took a while, but it was intended to do so, and I don’t think that it could have been that fast- at least a thousand of us graduated at that ceremony.