College versus professional sports. Choose up sides.

Please choose your preferences if you have them. Poll coming.

I voted 100% pro, but I am biased by how my college fees were used to build a college football team that was destined to be an also ran (at best) in a top college league.

I like sports, but I’m against them perverting education.

I also prefer my doctors, lawyers, and accountants to be professionals.

Pro football: College football is a big mess to me.

College basketball: the NCAA tournament is the most compelling event in all of sports.

Pro baseball: I know nothing about college baseball.

Pro hockey: I know nothing about college hockey.

The same for me except for college hockey over pro. Fights are stupid. If you fight in college, they kick you out of the next game too.

College. And then only the Yale/Harvard game.

The only one of those sports I even watch is basketball (men’s and women’s). And I prefer pros to amateurs by an order of magnitude.

It’s amazing to be livin’ in Cleveland right now, and on Saturdays watch the spectacular football prowess and hard work of the un-paid children at Ohio State play football…then on Sundays tune in to see the grown-ass millionaires who seem to be allergic to pigskin.

Basketball and Hockey, I could go either way. Baseball…nothing beats the pros (but I enjoy the sport in any form!)

College football over pro. I’m in Oklahoma and we don’t have a pro team very nearby.
Pro basketball over pro. It was the other way around until the Thunder were stolen from Seattle.
College baseball over pro. More of a situational thing. I’d go watch college baseball game. They’re close and cheap. In general, I find baseball on TV to be extremely boring. I like it in person.
Hockey. We don’t do hockey in Oklahoma. No opinion.

That should be “Pro basketball over college.”

I prefer college over pro.

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College football and basketball. Pro baseball. It’s tough to be a Browns fan and care much about the NFL. Basketball…the NBA is fun and all, but give me March Madness over their endless playoffs. College baseball doesn’t have the allure of other college sports. And finally, what’s hockey?

I was really hoping for College Wrestling versus Professional Wrestling.

College football is much more fun, because crazy-ass stuff happens in those games. Sometimes pro football just feels too sterile. Basketball and baseball are just boring. Hockey, I have not had a chance to compare.

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College football has the best fan experience I’ll go to a college game any day over the pros.

March madness is the peak of my interest in basketball.

The Dodgers are the greatest sports team and this is the one major sport where there is years of work between playing in college and playing in the big leagues.

I don’t really care about hockey at any level but I equally enjoy the pro and college games I’ve been to.

Football - college but I enjoy pro football. Pros are more talented but the game feels more sterile.

Basketball - College. I’d rather watch pro bowling on TV than the NBA. The pro game absolutely bores me.

Baseball - minor league pros. I’m too casual of a fan to track the detail that it takes to make the slow pace interesting. I know there are decisions being made based on stuff I am not tracking at the moment. I see grown men spitting and scratching. A live game on a summer day is an enjoyable experience though. Minor leagues offer that closer to home and cheaper.

Hockey - Pro. I don’t really watch till late in the season leading up to the playoffs. Less fighting and more gritty play when each game really matters makes NHL playoffs my preferred hockey. I’ve only evert been to college hockey though.

Baseball’s the only one of the sports I really follow, and I don’t have any interest in the college game. I do like the minors, though.

College for football, pro for everything else. (Little knowledge of college baseball or college hockey).