Colleges focusing a course on one manufacturer

I am studying network security, and some of my courses focus entirely on how to do things with Cisco equipment. I do find this topic very interesting, but I think there is something wrong with focusing on one company like this. College should be about concepts, not selling you on a specific company. Cisco isn’t the only company that matters in this field, and I actually have done a lot of work on Juniper equipment for my job.
One of my friends is an automotive engineer, and college didn’t teach him how to do things the “Ford way” or the “Nissan way”. He learned the science and concepts that could be used anywhere. Why should I be forced to do things the “Cisco way”?

Because Cisco is paying them to do it that way.

Either cash, or equipment, there is a transaction.

Are these classes that have both theory and lab components and most of the Cisco-specific stuff is in the lab, or are these truly courses on how to use Cisco equipment? Lots of people take chemistry courses where the labs all have the same brand of bunsen burners and all of the test tubes come from one lab supply company, but I’ve never heard those courses being called manufacturer-specific.

The courses are how to use and program Cisco equipment. With no mention at all of Juniper, Aruba, Wayport, or any of the others.

Courses from whom? Is this a traditional research university, state college, community college…?