Colonel Deering vs. Mrs. Peel

Who wins?

[sub]Personally, I vote for the one in the skintight outfit.[/sub]

Colonel Deering.
With a lead pipe.
in the billiard room.

I dunno, but I get to take on the winner.

JThunder, we are needed…

In a fight? I’d have to side with Emma Peel.
But when it comes to looks, I’d vote for Wilma Deering. drool :wink:

Oh, Emma Peel would win, no doubt about it. She’s got all those martial arts moves … she’d sort of wrestle Deering to the ground, and then …

*:: Steve sits at his desk with a strange faraway look in his eyes, as if he’s dwelling on some private vision ::

Sorry about the coding. I guess I was kind of distracted, there.

Mmm, Peel.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the mountainous talents of the unsung Linda Thorson / Tara King (daughter of heroic and legendary Jason, one speculates…. ?). Always overshadowed by the sensational Ms Rigg but with undeniable talents, both of ‘em.
Taking over from Rigg was always going to be a poisoned chalice … wonderful talents

Hey, did anybody but me recognize Linda Thorson as the Cardassian commander in the STNG episode where they discovered the genetic coding of a message from the race that seeded the galaxy with humanoids? She’s still pretty hot, even as a Cardassian…

Seems possible. They had the same hairstyle, after all.

Okay… Wilma Deering is not even CLOSE to being in the same league as Emma Peel.

Wilma isn’t even worthy to carry one of Mrs. Peel’s cups.

Unfair question. If I can’t have both, I’m not playing.

Ya know, I saw Erin Gray at a convention just the other day, and she looks exactly the same as when she did the show.

Kind of creepy, actually.

Not that I’m complaining, of course…

IMLO (In My Lecherous Opinion), the match should end in a draw, with little damage except to various pieces of clothing.

You should’ve asked her if she had any relatives named “Dorian”. :smiley:

Man, I wish I’d thought of that one. Good one, Balance.

Mrs. Peel wins over Deering.

But how about this? Mrs. Peel vs. Leela? Who’d win that round?

Mrs. Peel, Col. Deering, Leela and Zeena in a large vat of chocolate pudding and…and…

I’m sorry I can’t see the screen. It has fogged up…

Col Deering wore several outfits, most “hot” & tight. Mrs Peel basicly had the one- which was IMHO better than any single Deering outfit.

But the lovely Col. was in colour, and Mrs. Peel never wore the black leather outfit in a colour episode. So, due to the BBC chickening out, I am afraid Buck’s babe get the nod.

However, i’d happily spend a few hour pouring over the entries again, just to be sure I am right. :wink:

egad…you can’t be serious. Mrs. Peel, rule Brittannia, tea at 4

all things being equal… the divine Mrs. Peel has style and wit that even today is tres sexy
Col Deering is just too So-Cal pornstar to even match that. (not that that’s a bad thing…)

I’m afraid if I try to get my wife into a ‘flip’ wig and a catsuit one more time she will divorce my sorry ass