Colonoscopy follow up

That’s just WRONG. A “split dose” version is considered the gold standard these days. Which still requires two bouts of it, but half as much each time, and you’re a perfect example of why. There is, somehow, some stuff that, er, survives the first round, plus the small intestine is still dumping stuff (chyme?).

So, they should have planned for that. Or they could have done an enema right then (which some places do in lieu of some or all of the gallon-o-glurge).

Can’t speak for anything else about your hospitalization but they definitely did not handle your scope prep process right.

The 7 day diet change (for @Newtosite) does sound a bit extreme. Some medication changes might well be required (e.g. blood thinners, NSAIDs) but I’ve never been told more than “low residue starting 3 days before” (which has its own unpleasant side effects, though fortunately those are easily dealt with). If you’re ever told that again, definitely question it; it’s possible there may be something about your own history that requires it, but it sounds like overkill. My WAG is a doctor who is not up on the latest regimens, which is in and of itself a good reason to question like hell.

I was actually dreading the pre-prep days part this time around - as part of the medication change for me is to skip something I take to prevent chronic diarrhea. I was worried that the actual prep would be almost unnecessary :poop:. Somehow though, the “low residue” portion may have effectively counteracted that.

I actually laid in a stash of “butt paste” ointment this time around - never really needed it before but my last go-round was pretty unpleasant. “Ring of fire” was a phrase that ran through my mind, frequently. The bidet toilet seat was a godsend - made the ointment unnecessary, and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s been considering such a purchase.

The only procedural difference this time was they made my husband wait outside - he wasn’t even allowed into the waiting room. Then when I was ready to go, I texted him to come to the entrance with the car, and someone walked me to the door and watched me get in. And I had a mask on the whole time, of course - so once I was in the procedure room, someone took it off, put an oxygen cannula on me, then put it back on. They did check my temp when I arrived, using a forehead thermometer (I have to think those must really be “security theatre”, but whatever). It didn’t work at first - I assured the receptionist that I was alive, really.

My doctor gives the same diet instructions to everyone.
I agree that it’s excessive! :frowning: