Color Coming Off Sheets


I’ve just discovered something very odd about my sheets and you seem like an intelligent group of people so I was wondering can anyone tell me how to fix this?

So I bought new sheets recently and the time has come to wash them. But when I pulled them off the bed I found the color has actually come off on the bedding?? Now they are colorfast apparently. I washed them when I first bought them, before I put them on the bed, and before I put them in the machine I checked and wet patches first to make sure it didn’t leak color. And they didn’t. But now my pillowcases and mattress have turned purple from the sheets (they’re black sheets) and also the wall behind the bed has purple marks on it (no headboard). Does anyone know why this would have happened? And how to get the purple marks off the wall?

Admittedly the instructions on the sheets say to warm wash them and I cold washed them but that’s because I always wash everything in cold water because it’s a waste of hot water. I’ve never had any problem with this before.

I had a similar problem with a cheap set of sheets I bought. I washed them in hot, warm, and cold water, with Chlorox II, borax and vinegar (not all at once), and I’d still end up with them coloring my mattress cover and sleepwear. I chalked it up to cheap dye and stopped using them.

And how long from purchase/first placed on bed to first cold water wash?
When all else fails READ the instructions.
If that does’t work FOLLOW the instructions, at least once, to see what happens!

I would wash the sheets again in warm water.

For your mattress cover, pillows etc, I would wash those with some bleach and see if that helps remove the dye.

For your wall, I would use one of those Mr Clean Magic Eraser sponge-y things, because they have solved 99% of my wall-stain-removal quandries.

Good luck.

I had a shirt do something similar. The dye didn’t come out of the fabric, until fabric softner was on it. The water then looked like a vat of dye. I was doing a hand washing at the time so other clothes didn’t get messed up.

I once had a pair of white Levi’s jeans (yes, it was the 80’s!!!) and the suede Levi’s label on the back of the waistband constantly bled into the denim around it. No matter WHAT I did, that sucker must’ve been full of dye …

When you’re a teenager wearing white jeans, you REALLY want a rusty stain around your waistband. :rolleyes:

Just had to get that out of my system … carry on!