Color dreams

If a specific color is the brain’s interpretation of that color’s wavelength then how do we dream in color?

I don’t understand the question. Are you asking about the subjective nature of color perception (do two people see the same color when looking at the same object)? If so, there are a number of threads that have discussed this at length: Do all people see colors the same?

Or are you asking how the brain perceives color in the absence of extrnal stimulus? I would say that it dreams about color the same way it dreams about cats and dogs when there are none in the room with the sleeper; it makes them up out of previous memories. The same applies to color; if you dream about tomatoes, they will be red, because you remember them as always being red, and limes are green because they were green the last time you saw them.

In other words, you don’t actually dream in color, you just think you do. :wink:

To take it one step further, everything you perceive, whether asleep or awake, is in your own mind. Sure, you use your senses to extract things from the “real world” (this hallucination we all share :slight_smile: ), but your impressions reside in your own electro-bio-chemical brain. More scientific minds can embellish on what I’m saying.

Anyway, I once had a “lucid” dream where I purposely looked to see if I was dreaming in color, and I definitely noticed that the evergreen tree I was looking at was actually green.


That’s better!

So what you are saying is that everything we perceive is brought to us by our sensory apparatus; and that sensory apparatus may be faulty. Therefore, we have no way of knowing for certain if anything exists outside of our own minds, because we have no way of knowing if our sensors are operating properly. Everything we see or seem may be based on false data. In fact, I may be the only thing that exists. You are false data.

In the beginning there was darkness. And in addition to the darkness there was also me. Let there be light…


Thank you ALL ! I was making reference to the brain’s interpretation of the wavelength of photons after reaching our eyes. I suspected your answers but then if all our dreams are based on experience how do babies or the blind (at birth) dream?
Again, Thank you ALL !

seeing as how newborn babies sleep up to 20 hours a day, I would say that most of the intra-wombal experience is dreaming.

and what amazing dreams they must be! dreaming only of dreaming, experiencing a consciousness already folded over on itself, folded over on itself. True beautiful biofeedback.