color problem with new TV

Two days ago I bought a new Sharp 32" Television from Best Buy. When I first turned it on I didn’t notice the problem. I tried a DVD to check the quality, and since it was in letterbox, I didn’t see it until I went back to TV. In the top and bottom right corners the color was off.

Because of other plans, it was turned off for a few hours. Since then, It hasn’t shown the problem.

Presumably I have about 15 days to return it. Should I be worried? Has anyone had this problem? Do you think I’ll see the problem again? Should I exchange the TV or not worry about it?

If anyone should mention vacuum cleaners, take no notice. :wink:

For a proper answer, look here:

When I buy a new appliance I keep it on for 24 to 48 hours straight to make sure its working right. Keep a watch on your tv & make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Handy, how do you test can openers?

Oh, I keep those plugged in all the time :slight_smile:

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You didn’t say exactly what the problem is, but by “off” I’ll assume wrong-colored blotches in the corners.

That’s a “purity” error and on nearly all “modern” TVs, is irreparable except by replacing the picture tube.

The cause of the problem is the accidental movement of the amusingly-named “purity rings” on the tube’s neck, or more likely falling off of small magnets glued to the tube in various spots that were hand-tuned at the factory. My money’s on “fallen off due to rough treatment in shipping.”

In your case, the solution will be to take the TV back to Best Buy and exchange it.

Moving CRT-type TVs* causes color problems. The Earth’s magnetic field is just strong enough to induce a little field in the tube when it is moved. TVs come with degaussing circuits, usually run at cold startup, which help reduce such magnetic buildup.

You moved it, it got funny, it went away. Don’t worry about it. If the purity rings shifted, the problem wouldn’t have gone away.

*So now I have to qualify that term now too.

Either that or he got a TV intended for Japan.