Color-safe bleach. What's it do?

If it’s safe to use with colors, it’s obviously not “bleach”. If it’s not bleach, doesn’t that just make it soap? If so, what’s the point? I’m already using soap, so why do I need to add color-safe bleach soap to my regular soap?

More things are bleach besides Clorox: Sunlight, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide.

Colorsafe bleach usually contains sodium perbonate and/or sodium percarbonate, both of which contain hydrogen peroxide. It’s a gentler bleach than Clorox.

Does it kill germs like regular bleach? Just wondering…I’d like to wash my undies with bleach, but some of 'em have pretty colors.

Man, this is the second time today I extolled the virtues of color-safe bleach.

Use it on your colors! Go on!! (just not the stuff that says “do not use bleach” because of the fabric)