Colour laser printer recommendations

I’m looking to buy a colour laser printer, the primary purpose of which is to print my SO’s PhD thesis, but will be used for general printing after that. It needs to be have a reasonably fast print speed, and decent photo-printing abilities, without breaking the bank. I’m looking for less than £200; probably $300 or so. I think it also makes sense to have individual colour cartridges, since I suspect a lot of them will be used during said thesis printing.

Anyone have suggestions of printers they’ve used, or suggestions of ones to avoid?

A few people in my office have the HP Color LaserJet CP1515n, which is around £200 at I don’t think we have a lot of history on it (as it’s a fairly new model) but it does have four separate cartridges. And there’s a Dell color laser printer at Amazon for about £120. (It’s a little amazing that you can get a color laser printer that cheaply now. I remember when they were a whole lot more.)