Colour of Magic movie

Last year, a mini-series of Hogfather was released on Sky One TV in the UK. It was very well done, and almost perfectly cast.

They are following it up with a similar production of Colour of Magic. But this time, the casting seems to me to be not anywhere near as good.

I do not underrstand why Sean Astin would play TwoFlower, for example. And 67 year old David Jason as Rincewind??


Rhys Ifans must play Rinso…

Why they’re doing TCOM is beyond me, there are much better stand alone books, that would work really well. I can easily see Moving Pictures or ¨Soul Music being done on screen. Lotsa room for good visual gags.

I actually don’t agree with you re: Hogfather. The cast was good, though Susan was a let down. However, I think it was to faithful to the book. A good adaption needs to reinterprete the original work. Just MHO.

Whereas Christopher Lee as Death is inspired; he practically talk IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS already. :slight_smile:

Oh goodness. There are so many better books to do.

Wow, really? I thought she was fantastic! Marc Warren’s portrayal of Teatime annoyed me, though.

Christopher Lee has already played Death in the animated version of Soul Music. I liked Ian Richardson’s version in Hogfather, I see no reason to change.


Oh. Okay, that’s a good reason. I had no idea.

As long as they cast Hugh Lorie as Vimes when they do a movie on a city watch book, I will be content. If they don’t, take to the streets I say! Get the torches!

Bloody hell. Talk about method acting.

Was the Hogfather miniseries narrated? Do you think TCOM will be? I ask because Pterry loves his footnotes, and I would be sad if they got kicked to the curb in these renditions.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nonono! I am the first to aquiesce to Hugh Laurie being cast for … anything really. However, since I saw Life on Mars I want Vimes to be played by Philip Glenister.

As to Colour of Magic - I was always a bit uncertain about Rincewind’s age (is it mentioned anywhere?), but David Jason does not really fit my mental picture.

What the hell is Ion Television and how can I get it?

Bumping to ask a question:
If I hear it said outloud will I understand what Reflected-sound-of-underground-spirits has to do with economics? :confused: It’s the only pun in the book I don’t get. At all.

Reflected sound = echo.

Of underground spirits = “gnomic”.


Okay. But I thought the dialogue implied that the phrase was what Rincewind heard the tourist say, not that he was trying to translate it into familiar terms. Maybe it’s just that other wordplays in the book were mishearings.

My interpretation is that it is what he heard TwoFlower say and he was trying to interpret what he’d literally heard him say. So, not knowing the word economics, he does recognize the words “echo” and “gnomic” within the language that they’re speaking, and so translates that into reflected-sound-of-underground-spirits.