Colours in Latin

Forgive my poor google here, but was there a word or term in Latin to describe the colour we know as Orange?


This list gives a couple possibilities, and this one is a bit more extensive. However, this one is the nicest of the three.

Can’t vouch as to their accuracy though.

Good enough! Excellent, a million thank yous!


Slightly tangential, note:

Basically, some ancient languages just don’t set up words for some colors.

Could a list of color names in Latin be provided, by a knowledgeable Doper?

I’m pretty sure Garfield226 could help you out.

Oh, wait! He did. :wink:

I have to add this note. I was reading a 200 year old paper in the Journal of the Royal Society of London last night (I’m researching something – this isn’t my usual bedtime reading), and the author speaks of something as “orange colour”. The other colors in his list don’t have “colour” appended to them - they’re just “red” and “green” and so on. the author is clearly saying “the colour of the fruit orange”. So by 1804 the word “orange” by itself wasn’t comfortably felt to be a name for a color, and needed the word “colour” to make it clear that he was referring to the color, not the fruit (even though that should have been clear from context).

My apologies, he did.

I must have closed the window, while leaving the pop-up ad open, thus missing the info.