Colts lose today!

That’s my prediction anyways.

Game just started…


How’re they doing?

7-3 Colts, early in 2nd quater.

On the opening drive, both sides kind of set the tone for the game. Indy punches it thru a stout Jags D. Then, on the second possesion, the Jags manhandled the Colts for negative yardage. It’s going to be a tough game. Like Ali vs Foreman.

“I’ll have what he’s having.”

Damn crystal ball…
Peyton to Marvin, 65 yds, TD

Jags are self destructing right now. To keep Indy away from the endzone, you have to play better than that. Colts are great at taking advantage of your mis steps.

Oh well… I’m going to lose a little bit of scratch today. I thought today just might be the day, ya know?
I’m still predicting a Colts / Broncos AFC Championship game.

Better luck next week, NoClueBoy.

If by “lose” you mean win by 8 points, then you’re right. :smiley:

close :stuck_out_tongue:

19-0 looks possible for you guys.

I don’t think so. They have the Seahawks on Christmas Eve in Seattle. BTW, the Hawks won today 41-3. So it was the 49ers but a blow out is a blow out. That’s 2 in a row.

Skip goes for the catch, but fumbles the thread into Cafe Society territory!

(Well, he may have done it on purpose.)

Uh… not really. Blowouts against the hapless Niners and Eagles aren’t very impressive. They’ve got a couple of good wins in there, but putting up a lot of points against the worst teams in football doesn’t do it for me. They might beat the Colts, but they couldn’t beat the Jags.

The Eagles are only mostly hapless. And mostly hapless is still slightly … not hapless. But still.

These days, the Eagles are little better than the Niners, Packers or Jets.

And worlds better than the Texans, and probably the Bills. I’ll take what I can get.

That doesn’t make them any less hapless.

I never said they weren’t hapless. I just said they weren’t completely hapless, which is true. As long as they have David Akers, they have at least half a hap.

Sports threads go in Cafe Society now? Or have they always and I just now realized it?

(NoClueBoy, I’d advise you not to bet against teams that are 12-0 after playing the Steelers, Patriots, and Bengals.)

May you all be hapful in the coming year. And feckful, too, if it comes to that. :smiley: