Colts Win!! What a game!!

Following on the heels of an amazing victory for the Boston Red Sox, a boring, blowout Monday Night Football game between the Colts and the Bucs turned into one of the best NFL games ever played!!

An amazing night in sports!

(especially if you’re like me-- both a Red Sox and a Colts fan!)

Well, except that the refs mucked it up terribly: a blown roughing call against Indy followed by a personal foul for “leaping”. What the hell? That’s just deciding you want to penalize one team and get the game over with. If they wanted to rig the game, the least they could have done is do it with a real penalty.

(despite the fact that I hate the Irsays, I do have to admire Manning and Harrison).

I’m also upset because this means the Bucs are going to be pissed and looking for revenge…against my beloved Skins next week.


You could say the blown roughing call countered the blown “leaping” call.

The “Leaping Penalty” is simply the “Snow Bowl Forward Pass” call all over again. The refs were right to call the penalty, it’s in the rule book, but it’s a very strange rule.

Well, as a Colts fan, I loved the outcome, if only because it counteracted me pulling all of my hair out over the game to that point. However, I DO think that was a bullshit call against Tampa in OT.

Well, I don’t MIND the Sox - the Red ones, that is - But I’m a Cub fan. Here’s hoping we meet in the Series this year.

Just goes to show that with 4 minutes left in the game, down 21, you cannot count out Peyton Manning and his traveling band of football players.


You summed up my thoughts very eloquently, punha.

Long time, no see. How are ya?

OK, could someone explain this “leaping” thing? I know it’s illegal to get a boost from a teammate when trying to block a kick, but I don’t think the guy tried to get a boost – didn’t look that way on the replay.

From whose POV, Snooooopy?:wink:

I think it was one of those rules that rarely gets called because officials aren’t looking for it.

Not long ago in a Braves-Mets game, a rule about the max length of time between pitches with nobody on base got enforced. I was as shocked as anyone else.

Probably the same thing here. 99/100 times you won’t see it called.

Now I head off to bed. I should have spend the past 3 hours doing math (linear algebra, no cakewalk for this lib. arts man), and I will pay dearly for it in the morning.

Which it already it, sort of.

That’s pretty much take on what probably happened. The refs knew it was a game winning kick in OT. The ref probably wanted to be so sure that everything was kosher so he mentally prepared himself more than normally by thinking of all the rules and watching every last thing.

I’ve always thought it’s kind of a anti-slippery-slope rule. Obviously they don’t want a lineman to keep his stance, and let a backer run and jump off of him because 90% of kicks would be blocked. And if a guy jumped a little early and landed with his knees on a lineman’s shoulders, he would gain a pretty big advantage as well. So they just made the rule that everybody has to jump and and land on their own feet. However after this, they may review it and change to an intent sort of thing.

What a great game! My girlfriend and I made fun of all the people who left when it was 21-0 to “beat traffic” and were sitting in their cars, listening to one of the great comebacks on the radio…

I just saw it again on Sports Center this morning and it gets worse and worse. He didn’t land on anybody, some guy did get blocked into him and he bumped him slightly on the way down. The guy who called this should be fired.

BTW, the reason that Manning looked so great last night is that the Bucs second shutdown corner, Brian Kelly, got injured in the first quarter and they had to go to Tim Wansley, a second year guy who plays mostly in nickel situations and with help. Colts must have finally figured that out at halftime and started exploiting the huge mismatch between Harrison and him. In the end the Bucs countered this by switching Dwight Smith, who was a CB last year back to corner. I don’t know who was covering Smith’s safety position (maybe John Howell), but Wansley was watching on the sidelines by then.

Other goats for the Bucs last night: Kenyatta Walker for getting a personal foul when the Bucs could have shut the game out with a first down, resulting in 3rd and 23 instead of 3rd and 8. Simeon Rice for running out of gas and taking the end of the fourth quarter off. Special teams for allowing that kick return for 80+ yards.