Comanche Moon

Did anyone catch Comanche Moon (miniseries on CBC) last night?

I was pretty happy with how closely it is keeping with the book (helps that Larry McMurtrey co-wrote the adaptation to screen) and I like Val Kilmer as Inish Scull. Not sure I care for the actor who plays Call, but the one who plays Gus seems alright. The Comanche scenes are also well done and acted and as a Six Feet Under fan- they couldn’t have picked a better actress for Inez Scull IMHO.

Hope I’m not the only one who caught this.

I watched it because I love the book and I love Lonesome Dove and I’ve been looking forward to it for like the past six months. I thought they did a great job sticking to the story (with a few understandable changes). I think all the casting decisions have been spot-on. I really like Karl Urban as Call. Though maybe he doesn’t quite capture how distant/awkward Call is around everybody, especially Maggie, though that might be a director issue more than an actor issue.

I’m really looking forward to the next two parts.

I didn’t know it was on. Hope that part is repeated. I enjoyed the book although not quite as much as Lonesome Dove.

I watched it for the reasons enumerated above: I loved the books, as well as the original “Lonesome Dove” miniseries. Color me impressed.

My only (small) gripe is that I can’t help but think Steve Zahn (playing Augustus McCrae) is doing an imitation of Robert Duvall praying Augustus McCrae.

Yeah, and I’d say that the other guy is doing an imitation of Tommy Lee Jones playing Call, too.

The TV critic in my local paper panned this, and panned it big time, so I almost didn’t watch it (I usually agree with him on these types of things). It certainly wasn’t any Lonesome Dove*, but it wasn’t bad. I’ll tune in on Tues for the ending. I wish they could up-definition *LD *so that we could watch then again in HiDef. I tried watching it on DVD awhile back, and the film quality was kind of distracting.

*one of the best, if not the best, TV miniseries ever

I was actually really impressed with Zahn and Urban. I don’t feel like they were imitating Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. It seemed like they were just taking advantage of certain mannerisms. I don’t really see what else they could have done, since Duvall and Jones embodied Gus and Call so completely for so many people. I’m sure more people have seen the mini-series than read either of the books.


I kinda feel the same and maybe the reason I wasn’t sure about Urban was that I didn’t have that same feeling that it was a younger version of Call like I did with Steve Zahn. Conversely, I felt Jonny Lee Miller as call did a good job in Dead Man’s Walk but David Arquette was awful.

And doing an Impressive job of it.

I also like that they’re using the Comanche language.

I tried to watch the first hour. It looks to be fairly well made, plus I’m a big fan of Linda Cardellini.

Is it possible to make a film or show with Native American characters without having Adam Beach in the cast?

I’m going to catch it later on DVD. The commercial interruptions were far too frequent. But even more irritating to me was the network’s compulsion to bracket each break with clips from the film which we had just seen or were about to see.

Yeah, that was annoying. IIRC they did the same thing with Lonesome Dove.

I don’t think they did it at all this time (last night’s episode), or at least I didn’t notice this time.

Picked up nicely for part 2- was a pleasant surprise to see Niobe from ROME as Mrs. Wanz (can’t recall actresses name) and the barbering session was good. I thought the Pearl/Long Bill storyline was well done considering the time given to it. Karl Urban grew on me a little more, both actors did a great job acting in the scene where they decide to strike out on their own to find Inish.

A little disappointed they left the eyelid thing out, but probably too squishy for primetime. Also, I think they should have showed how the old woman hated/feared the Black Vaquero- would have made it seem less random that she would suddenly help Inish.