Comcast cable--Internet but no TV

I don’t understand how this can happen. We have no cable TV, but our cable internet works just fine. We have one digital box, but the other TV’s are connected to analog lines and none of them work. Comcast says the interrogated the digital box and got no response. I don’t know what that means, but it does mean they have to send someone out. I can understand how just the internet could tank (because of errors on the line, for instance) , but don’t understand how I can have internet but no TV. For what it is worth, we had a tremendous thunderstorm with lightening and such yesterday, and the cable was found to be non-functional that evening. The cable rep almost fainted when she saw that they could send someone out tomorrow. It is going to ruin their reputation, I think.

This is sort of a WAG, but maybe there’s something that’s causing interference that disproportionately affects the TV signals. Even if it’s interfering with all the signals equally (which it wouldn’t, of course, but I don’t know how they’re split up on the wire), an internet connection has built-in error correction and will keep resending until it gets through. Analog cable TV, not so much.

It’d be interesting to see speed and dropped packets data for the connection before this started and after.

The lightning may have fried the box but if there is no tv at all maybe it fried something upstream outside your home if your analog lines are not downstream from the box.

10:1 will get you a filter has been installed on your line inadvertently. A neighbor, who shares a connection from the line, very near to you, has likely gone internet only to their house, and the Comcast folks placed a filter on your line to block the TV signals, rather than on your neighbors.

They did it right when they came to my house, but the next house’s connection is at least 100ft away. I have Dish Network for TV, so I don’t care, but I’ve seen it happen in apartments, where the connections are in a box all together.

I had Adelphia cable internet for the last few years and found that if I split the wire to the TV I could get cable channels. I didn’t keep it on there because if I’d wanted TV in the first place I’d have ordered it, but was I interested to see that it worked that way. The other day, though, my internet went out and when the Comcast (Adelphia sold out) repairman came he hooked up my line to the TV. It didn’t work, of course, because my service was out, but he then had to go to the junction box outside my apartment building to get it sorted.He told me to yell when my TV channels came on. He did, they did, and I did. He then came inside and called Comcast to ‘resend’ my service. After that, no more channels. He explained that they are starting to cut out the unnecessary (to me) frequencies now. Why they never did it before, I don’t know. But it can be done.

Once, our neighbor disconnected their service, and they unhooked our line. Then it took three days for them to come out and reconnect. Then the very next day someone else from the cable company came out and disconnected me again. So a filter on the wrong line sounds very plausible. The should be out shortly, and we will see.

Well? What was the result???