Comcast presence at Best Buy?

The last few times I was at Best Buy, there has been a Comcast employee hanging out and offering advice. When I bought a TV there, it was a real help, as the guy made sure that the TV would be compatible with my existing cable box.

Is this standard practice? Is there a contract between the two companies?

Yes. I’ve also seen HP reps (with HP name tags) offering info on laptops.

Huh. It looks like it’s just at that store. But I know of at least one other.

So maybe it’s not a company-wide thing.

I worked at a computer store over the holidays and we had both H/P and Clear employees work at the store. I don’t know how it worked, except that if you bought Clear or an H/P product from their rep, you’d get a paper (along with the computer or Clear modem) and it was rung up as a penny to the customer, which we, the cashiers paid out to cash, then accounted for the pennies on the bank out.

I linked to one store as an example. There are hundreds of others, but I couldn’t find a company-wide announcement about the relationship. A search of the BestBuy forums suggests they have similar relationships with DirectTV and other companies.

The ones I get hit up by at BestBuy are usually the DirectTV reps wanting to convert me from cable. They don’t offer much help to cut down my neighbors trees so I can get a signal though.

That makes sense. Funny though, I haven’t seen any FiOS guys there. Maybe I just didn’t notice them.

Markxxx, I don’t get it. Were the pennies just an accounting system? Did the Clear guys get some sort of commission?