Comcast - who runs their customer service dept and why is he still employed?

In Montreal, we have only one cable company (Videotron) and I get both cable, DVR, and internet from them and it is honestly a pleasure to deal with them over the phone. I rarely even get put on hold and the call people really do know what they are doing.

I used to have Charter. As you say, their service and the quality of their signal is very good. But they DO want that money out of you. They offer a great deal when you first sign up, but then afterward, they don’t have such great deal any more. And they sneak additions to your bill in whenever they can. Watch your cable bill like a hawk. Basically, both Comcast (my present provider) and Charter want to make $150-200 a month from every subscriber they have.

One of the reasons I love being in Hong Kong. Fiber right to my apartment and download speeds that I’ve seen top out at about 468Mb (only because I’m cheap and don’t spring for the full Gigabit package). One of the benefits of being in a densely populated area.

Comcast just took away my mother’s favorite channel and told her she can get it back if she signs up for another tier for an extra $9 a month with a whole bunch of channels that she doesn’t want and that have nothing to do with the channel they took away.

I called them the other day because our cable was out and the first thing on their phone tree was, “If you’re calling about that channel we took away, press 1”.

There’s always that one guy…

I had a technical issue the other night and could not see any channels. So I called comcast and the csr tries one thing to get the service back on and when that didn’t work she says “guess I will have the technician come out to you”

I told her, “how bout you give me the technician cell phone number and resign from Comcast”

That’s why I don’t see TVland anymore because its in a higher tier

Back when Internet cable service was just beginning I had to have a static IP to keep my iMac happy.

Dead asleep one night at 2:30am I get a call from a Comcast tech telling me I had to unplug my modem it was interfering with another customer.

I was so groggy I got halfway through doing it before it occurred to me he had called at 2:30am.

Cue much sputtering and apologies.

Many other problems over the years. I don’t mind paying for a service I enjoy; I don’t believe people are obligated to give free or cheap entertainment. But I do expect decent treatment.

Will never go back.

I’ve always had pretty good service from Bright House Networks (the local TWC subsidiary). They always give me the “we’ll be there between 6am and 9pm” nonsense for installations but otherwise their service is excellent. The only really odd thing is that they’ve been misspelling my name for 13 years, though I’ve corrected it with them five times. Oh, and their website requires a ridiculously convoluted password.

My comcast story:
I signed up for e-billing since I do not need a paper bill cable ever.
Comcast now sends me an e-mail saying my bill is ready, click the link to see the bill.
Clink link and log in to your account… here is where the problem started.
Comcast decided for security purposes they needed to reset my password every 30 days, and you need to call if it expires. Which meant a call to comcast support every month to reset my password just to pay my bill. :smack:
So I resorted to just paying what the last bill was and if they ever change my rates I will never know.