Comcast - who runs their customer service dept and why is he still employed?

Do they not get it or is a matter of they just don’t care? We contacted customer service in mid-December with a request to disconnect our service and physically remove the wire from our house. The house is going to be elevated (Superstorm Sandy) and the builder wants a letter from Comcast confirming that this has been done. I’m not sure if its his requirement or the city’s. The rep was told in no uncertain terms that this was more than turning the service off we needed the wires physically removed and a letter confirming the job had been completed. He gave assurances that he understood and ticket had been put in. About two weeks later the service is off but the wires are still up. Call customer service and go through the idiotic menu system in an attempt to remedy the situation. The thing is that, once we were disconnected, our phone number (which is used as an account identifier) has been removed from the system. After MUCH aggravation we get through to a live person who must be interrupted because they are reading from a script.

Her: What is your phone number again?
Me: 123-456-8989 but its no longer in your system


Her: Oh, you’re not in the system with that number.
Me: I know. We have been turned off and are no longer customers. We need the wire removed from our house and a confirmation letter.

Her: But you already have been disconnected. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Me: Are there any notes associated with our original request?

Her: Yes and the job has been completed.
Me: No. It hasn’t. The wires are still there. Can I speak to a supervisor?

Her: Please hold.

I’m on hold for nearly thirty minutes.

Supervisor: How can I help you?
Me: I repeat the whole story.

Super: Oh. I see the problem. The first guy entered the job as a “disconnect” but it should have been “demolition”.
Me: I told him five ways to Sunday the wires had to come down.

Super: I’m sorry. I’ll put in a new ticket for a demolition order.
Me: How long until someone comes out?

Super: I don’t know. Maybe seven to ten days.
Me: We need this done ASAP. We have crew scheduled to start work but they won’t without the wire coming down and a confirmation letter.

Super: As soon as it is done I will e-mail you the letter.
Me: Great.

Ten days go by and nothing happens. Deal with the automated system yet again and the fact that our phone number is no longer associated with our former account. Another rep that is of no help at all. Request a supervisor. On hold for nearly an hour! Re-explain the whole story and am told the original ticket was closed out.

Me: I know it was closed out. It was wrong. The wire has to come down.
Super: O.K. I’ll mark this as urgent and get back to you with a tentative date.

He calls back some hours later but I can’t answer the phone and it goes into voice mail.

Super: Hi, this is Comcast the order is in but I need you to call back.

No call back number. Yet another trip through the automated system. This time I ask to speak with a supervisor right away. On hold for another 30 minutes. The supervisor gets on and I explain the whole thing again. She says the most recent ticket (the urgent one) was closed and has no idea why. (The wire is still up because I checked.) As we are trying to remedy the situation I get disconnected. Arrrgh!

So last night I went over, climbed the ladder and cut the damn wire myself. I’m sure I can phony up a confirmation letter with a little effort if it becomes necessary. There have to be thousands of customers raising their houses after Sandy and Katrina. How can this not be a known issue and addressed internally with customer service? We will not be returning to Comcast under any circumstances. There is a reason why their customer service has been rated the worst in the country for two consecutive years. Apparently, no one at the top of that company gives a damn. How the fuck can you run a business like that?

Closed dupe.