Come I Come?

Did you ever play a game by this name? When I was a kid and we were traveling (didn’t have to be too far, anything over a few minutes really) we would play this guessing game. It was like others like “I Spy with my little eye” where the starter would utter that phrase and somebody else would say, “what do you come on?” and the starter would give a letter of the alphabet. The guessers would try to identify what would have been in the starter’s field of vision that began with that letter.

Can you think of other such car games? How did they go? Would any of them be suitable for playing here?

Never heard of that game.

Botticelli is always good:

We sometimes play Twenty Questions, or I Spy, or the License Plate Game (try to spot license plates from other states; the winner is whoever sees the most within a certain time limit or by the end of the trip).

Another car game we played was sign alphabet. One team looked out the right side and the other team the left. Things in the roadway itself were off-limits. No two letters from the same sign. You called out the letter and the context from the sign to score the letter. Things would slow down around J and Q, with X and Z being next hardest.

Quaker State was the big deal for Q.