Come Join The Clubbed Thumb Society!

Any fellow members of the Clubbed Thumb (Toe-Thumb) Society out there?? My right thumb is much shorter and fatter than my left, and my mom telling me that me sucking on it was what caused it to be deformed was a great way to get me to stop sucking my thumb as a child.

Despite the jokes circulating about it (mostly since the world found out Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs), no one ever notices unless I happen to point my weird thumb out. I honestly kinda like it - it doesn’t make a difference in my day-to-day life, yet it’s weird, unique and a great (awful?) conversation starter! As far as mutant super powers go, it’s right up there with grossing people out with my double-jointed arm. So you could say I’m practically an X-Man.

Anyone else have this in one or both of your thumbs? Did you get teased about it as a kid or no?

(sorry the photos are blurry - it’s fucking hard to take pictures of your hands!)

Here I thought this thread was gonna be about people who kill plants.

Bring a plant into the house, tell me it’s mine…the plant is as good as dead.

Wow. That’s weird.

Wouldn’t “Clubbed-Thumb Club” have been more apropos?

Damn you.

“The Club Thumb Club” was my thinking.

Reminds me of the book Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by Tom Robbins. It’s about a young woman with unusually large thumbs who takes up hitchhiking. Good book if you’re really into quirky, quirky reading.

My thumbs are normal sized but one of my big toes is shorter and fatter than the other. It wasn’t like that originally but a combination of old age and a lifetime of shoes that are a little too narrow for my super wide feet made it that way.

I dated a girl in High School who had a thumb like that. First time I noticed it I thought “Huh. That’s interesting” and never gave it much thought afterward. A few years later I learned it’s not all that uncommon.

My best friend in later elementary school had two clubbed thumbs. That’s how I learned it was a genetic trait, which is autosomal dominant, but variably expressive, so a parent could have a not-very-noticeable case of it, and not even realize it, until becoming the parent of a child with a pronounced case.

It never bothered her-- she was able to play piano and flute both very well. She majored in art history in college, and then got a library sciences MA. Hard to place degrees? She became a curator at theJP Morgan library in NYC.

My Cherokee stepdad wasn’t born that way but sloppy hammer blows produced the effect. Even worse was when he nailed a thumb to a board. I learned exciting new profanity then. :cool:

I used to work with a fellow who had a toed thumb. I don’t remember the reason, but when he was very young they transplanted one of his big toes to replace a thumb. I thought he was pulling my leg until he removed a shoe.