Come on baby light my fire

I’ll be in Paris in late October for the first time. I thought I may visit Pere Lachaise Cemetery and see the graves of Jim Morrison and possibly Oscar Wilde.

Maybe the Communards as well.

In a previous post a member stated that he had visited the grave of Morrison.

I have looked at Lonely Planet and the Internet and am trying to find out how easy the cemetery is to access.

So basically, from the centre of Paris does getting to the cemetery require a great deal of manipulation of transport?

Nope - just hop on the Metro and you’re there. My recollection is that there are two stops, one close to each end of the cemetery. Mrs Piper and I spent a lovely afternoon there a few years ago.

Here you go - Map of the Paris Metro.

Take the No 2 line (blue on this map) and there’s the Père Lachaise stop towards the eastern end of the line. The Gambetta and Philippe Auguste stops are also close as seen on this map of the cemetery. (Note that it’s rotated so that North is to the left, not to the top.)