Comedians in Cars Getting coffee: Anyone recognize the set they visited?

In the episode with Garry Shandling they visit the set where Seinfeld used to be filmed. They were filming a new show there and Seinfeld and Shandling proceed to do a bit in the new set. I was wondering if anyone here recognize the show the set belongs to. Looks very generic sitcom apartment to me.

Link to the episode. They visit the set at 18:10.

I’ve never seen the show but my Google-fu tells me it is Baby Daddy.

(I noticed there was a pink doll house, so I searched for “popular sitcoms” and looked for ones which might have a female kid character, then did an image search on “[sitcom name] apartment”)

Yep, That’s the show.

Very good Google-Fu. You bring honor to your master. Thanks.