comedians working "off the door?"

I’ve gone to a couple of shows at a club near me, and when I look up their site they say some events have higher ticket prices because the comedian that night is “working off of the door.” Am I correct in thinking this means they’re being paid a percentage of the money from the performance’s ticket sales instead of a fixed appearance fee?

Yes. It’s also called a ‘door split’. Musicians often do the same thing. I doubt the deal would be made if the house didn’t think the performer would be a good draw.

On various podcasts I’ve heard comics talk about unscrupulous club owners stiffing them by either giving away a lot of free tickets or claiming to. The club makes the money off the food and drinks so it’s more important to fill every seat than to sell almost all of the tickets.

thanks. most of the googling I did got me results about them “working the door” which apparently is something else entirely. But I did find the Mitch Hedberg joke I’ve heard recently:

"I got a door deal here, I’m working for 50% of the door and then tomorrow I’m working for 50% of the door and then on Sunday… I’m gonna have a door. "