Comedienne skit - parody college/ school horror

Some time ago someone linked on here to a clip on Youtube from an American comedienne, somewhere in the 50s or 60s. It was in black and white.

The set-up was as follows: girl is taken out to fancy restaurant, says to camera: boy, this guy is loaded, I hope he won’t ask me where I went to college. Guy then asks: where did you go to college? Then she says: I never went to college, and starts to recount why she didn’t. Turns out it is a parody horror story about girl in glasses who snaps after being pestered by the cool gang of girls. The fun thing about the skit is that she also voices the sound effects and the ‘themes’ of the girls.

I’ve been trying to find the clip again, but my Google-fu is sorely lacking.

Anyone know who/what I’m remembering?

No help at all on the specifics. If I saw that bit, I don’t remember it.

Possible comediennes of the era:

Elaine May
Carol Burnett
Mary Tyler Moore
Imogene Coca
Joan Davis
Phyllis Diller
Totie Fields
Anne Meara

Or you could look over this list:

This was a comedienne, a skit from the 80’s. It was in color except the “flashback sequence” which was in black and white. I know it was the early to mid 80’s because the first time I had seen it was working in college and they used to use it as a tape check to see if monitors/audio were working.

Unfortunately I can’t recall the name of the comedienne or the show it was on, but it was truly a hysterical clip.

If you find it, post here!

This is from one of Mike Nesmith’s comedy compilations, possibly “Elephant Parts”. I’ve always thought it was absolutely hilarious. And it’s from somewhere in the 80s, but filmed to look older.

And here it is:

Sorority Girls from Hell

Lois Bromfield.

That’s it! Sorry about the mistakes in describing.

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Wow I had no idea that comedienne was a word! Is it pronounced the exact same way as comedian?

No, it is pronounced more or less as spelled, with the penultimate vowel an e (more or less as in “egg”) rather than an a or schwa, and with more emphasis on the last syllable.

There are other analogous masculine feminine word pairs, such as equestrian*/equestrienne (and I am sure there are more examples, perhaps commoner ones, that are not springing to my mind). However, use of the feminine form is generally seen as politically incorrect there days (as, also, with actor/actress), and we are expected to call people, comedians, equestrians, actors etc., regardless of their gender.


*As a noun, meaning an expert horseman.

Wow. Almost two years to get an answer, and almost another two for the OP to respond. That has to be a record.

Strangest thread ever!

I want my own theme music, now.

Well, as long as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences maintains separate “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” categories, I’m not inclined to take anyone who finds “actress” offensive seriously.