Comedy Names (US edition)


First post, probably in the wrong place, and I’m on the scrounge…and pitching it like a game. Come paint my fence…

I need some comedy names, stereotypically American. It’s for a stage production of a ‘live radio broadcast’ of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ - a stage show presented as though for the radio - potted versions of films were often ‘trailed’ in this way in the late forties, I’m told. Ideally, the names wouldn’t sound out of place in the 40s, for a white guy (because I’m a white guy). I’m the announcer (and Ernie and Martini, but that’s beside the point). I read the credits at the end of the show, including my own name. Over 5 performances, I hope to give myself 5 different comedy names (to keep the rest of the cast entertained as much as anything).

So far I’ve got these (but I’m not wedded to the punning formula, it’s just a weakness):

Hank O’Hare
Troy Ilism
Kyle Iderscope
Randy Oldgoat

I truly like maybe two of those.
Have at it, if you wish.

You can always start with the Car Talk staff.

And follow it up with Bart Simpson’s prank phone calls.

Off the top of my head:

Kath O’Dray
Lisa Newbuick
Kara Melcorn

Off of my OP, “guy”. But thanks for playing and here’s your bus fare home…

Both links get me Car Talk (whatever that is, though there’s good plagiarism material there) and yes, thank you, I should have been on Bart from the off.

How about:

Mike Hunt
Harry Balzack

I have to be a tad careful, these are profit-share gigs with local charities and offence is a thing. I think Randy Oldgoat is about as risque as I dare.

For a family show I’d suggest Shirley Goodness and her best friend Ann Mercy

Nope. Kara Melcorn. Still not getting it. (Kath O’Dray took me a while…Oh! Caramel Corn…that’s a thing?)

For a family show, I’ll not be cross-dressing. But for you…well, if you play your cards right…

I have a vewy gweat fwiend named Biggus Dickus.

Joe King? Dewey Cheatem? (and Howe!)

He hath a wife you know…

Bess T. Ality
Marcus Absent
N.M.E. Agent
Dale Lee Bread
Lee Van der Lurch
Bill Overdew
Ted D. Baer
Isabelle Ringing
Bertha D. Blues
Jerry Atrick
Harry P. Ness
Cheri Pitts
X. O. Verrisi
Laureen Norder
Ben D. Rules
Doris Closed

(All from the National Lampool High School Yearbook Parody, which has hundreds more)

Ancient ones:

Justin Case
Nick O’Tyme
Robin Banks
Luke Warm
Rufus Leakey