Comedy Sketches

Everyone has his favorite comedy troupe. SNL, Python, Kids, UCB, et al.

What might be a skit you would like to see them perform?

I’m thinking of a scene in a classroom on the campus of one of the Big Three auto makers. The instructor is teaching the various local auto dealers in attendance exactly how to make those “winning” TV commercials. Dan Akroyd as instructor is emphatically discussing the importance of helium-filled balloons and strings of primary-colored pennants. The following class will discuss how one arrives at “the smile” with a practice session to follow.

“Restaurant Sketch” from MPFC.

by Monty Python’s Flying Circus

“Peter Ilitych Tchaikovsky–was he the tortured soul who poured his immortal longings into elegant passages of stately music, or was he just and old pouf who wrote tunes?” :smiley:

I loved The Kids in the Hall. Towards the end they got a bit weird, but still… Scott’s monologues as Buddy were my favorite.

The first sketch of theirs I saw was the one where Mark and I think Kevin burst into a cafe and start singing, “Someone’s gonna get a thousand dollars…” At the end of the song they hand off a wad of bills to some randomly chosen guy, the rest of the cafe patrons cheering. And then they start the second verse: “Someone’s gonna get a punch in the head…” Everyone in the cafe starts freaking. :smiley: