Comet/Meteor Strike and Volcanism...

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Just wondering if a large scale comet/meteor strike would set off nearby/faraway volcanoes? Any thoughts?

I would think a lage Meteor smashing into the earth causing plates to shift would cause something of the magnitude. That would have to be one hell of a rock though.

The coincidence of the impact which killed the dinosaurs and the creation of the Deccan Flats is interesting.

There’s also speculation of a strike during the Siberian Traps events around the time of the Permian extinction.

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One would think that volcanic eruptions would be the least of people’s worries. A “large scale comet/meteor strike” would probably have more global, and permanent consequences.

Well…at this point I am only looking at the late Pleistocene/early Holocene for this scenario…strictly background to a mostly fictional novel…plenty of great info while Googling though! Thanks

These aren’t just garden variety volcanic eruptions:
Deccan Traps
Siberian Traps